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Hello Paul,

Thank you for this great tutorial and for answering my question about recording in soundforge.

I also had a couple other questions:

First one is about your modular system, what random lfo are you using and which one would you advice for this type of use?
I use mutable stages but unfortunatly, it doesn’t generate a random signal. So I have to modulate a “carrier” lfos rate by another lfo that is also modulated by another lfo (etc) to kinda emulate a random signal but it doesn’t work so well.

Second one is about some advices in order to take the best parts of the audio generated by a modular rec session. Which size of chunk would be the best in order to make it optimal for the sampler? And do you set a time limit when you’re recording to make it easyer when it comes to take out the best bits? (For instance, I found very difficult to edit a 1h + record)

Last question is about note keys. Do you care about them when sorting the freshly created samples or do you adjust them only when you’re producing a track?

Thank you!

Big respect!

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