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Hey Mark
First of all thank you for your tutorials, I saw the first one, but the others will definitely be great.
I have a question about the Noise osc presets that you set at the very beginning of the first video.
where can i get these noise presets?
best regards

My pleasure 🙂 I made some transients in FM8 by shifting the wavetable phase and adding a pitch envelope. I made them for the video, but not sure this part was included. Nevertheless, I’ve just uploaded them here for you.

When trying to replicate drums with synthesis, you sometimes want to recreate the initial impact of an instrument being hit (Imagine a drum stick hitting a snare) which is normally a non-tonal ‘snap’. The reason I did it this way in the video was that I wanted to try and save OSC’s in serum, so I pre-made some transients which I could load into the noise OSC.

Essentially tho it’s just shifting the phase of a wavetable which can easily be done in Serum. If you are using a DAW where you can load up multiple instances of Serum on one midi channel E.G Grouping Serum’s in Ableton or using Patcher in FL, you can stack instances of serum and use one for the transient, another for the body/fundamental etc.. Just remember to make sure they are all phase-aligned so everything is sounding positive. A quick tip for that is, to set up one macro or control for every phase button in serum, so you can change the phase of every OSC avoiding any mistakes down the line.

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