Reply To: Getting back into work


As the other writer rightly writes: as with doing any artform it’s all about keeping yourself inspired…
You must reconnect with the ‘why’ more than anything. This can be very personal to each individual, but if you have a solid ‘why’, the ‘how’ will take care of itself.
Keeping yourself inspired can be helped along by not having just one track on the go at any moment… having a handful of sketches will keep things fresh. Start with short sessions initially, 30 minutes and then turn the computer off, build up the desire again.

But WHY is it exactly that you want to write music?

Because being creative in itself is one of life’s biggest pleasures?
Because the opportunity to start from scratch offers limitless potential?
Because Drum & Bass is without doubt the most exciting format of music available?
Because you have a growing seed of talent that deserves to be watered?

It sounds like you really want to write music. So, why don’t you do just that? Don’t get in the way of yourself.

Energetic Desire for achieving a goal is often met by inertia; if you place your willpower in this gap you will continue the trajectory. Inspire yourself with how much willpower and patience you have.

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