Reply To: Sample Genie Challenge Series, episode 01 March 2020


Yeah I keep thinking the deadline is the end of the month – oops!
Cheers for the vote of confidence Shrike, but the only mighty thing I managed to make this month was a bunch of almighty messes! Turns out Ableton doesn’t like a lot of time signature changes and it made rearranging an absolute pig. I’ve settled on something a lot less ambitious in terms of tempo and signature changes, it did have a 140bpm garage intro too but it started to sound too much like separate tunes glued together. I’ve stuck with just 4/4 174bpm into halftime 13/8 141.4bpm for the outro as it has the same absolute bar length. 13/8 can be a bit of an acquired taste though, it’d be a brave thing to play in a club for sure.

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