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Hey, massive condolences on the loss of all material. Really horrible stuff.
Did you take them to a recovery company?

This tune has a different flavour about it for sure. The texture is crunchy and sounds well processed.
It has an unusual feel to the tune too, some interesting samples and layers.

Just some thoughts:

– Are the beats enough? Do they hit in the way you want them to? Do they sound like sweat and tears and have gone into their craft?

– Sounds like some top end wash and air is missing from the beats. not something EQ can solve… another layer perhaps?

– Are all the sounds working together? The screaming style sound is quite distinct but is it clashing with the background string samples? Are they both telling different stories, only at the same time?

Don’t be in a rush to finish tracks… be happy to sit on them awhile and be sure they are saying what you want them to say.


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