Reply To: Made Neurofunk tune after 8 years break


Not exactly. On master you never have one compressor. One compressor with big gain reduction is not optimal. First you should catch the peaks with opto compressor. Then you should use some discrete compressor to finish it. Also you often use mastering EQ & saturation.

That’s why turning knob on compressor is not a good way. But to simplify and answer: Yes it would be like turning up the input gain on the compressor, but do not touch threshold at all. That’s the key.

So in practice it means automating master fader, if it is a pre-fader, or putting some utility plugin with volume control (better use native plugin, so it does not distort if it cannot use 64-bit internal precision as your DAW).

The whole thing is described here in Cubase: …I use it in Ableton

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