Reply To: How to speed up the mixing process?


There is no mixing phase for me. I mix as I go.

For me, I have found that if I just arrange and then save mixing for later, the end product comes out weaker. Sound selection matters and where it sits in the mix matters. Doesn’t matter if you have the wicked-est riff or lead, if it won’t fit with the rest of the material something is gonna have to give. So I make sure to think about what I am adding and where it will go in the soundstage and freq spectrum as I make.

It’s just easier for me that way, and provides a more coherent final end result.

But everyone is different. This is just where I have landed. For me, the final tune is akin to a painting, and how the paint blends is as important to me as the colors chosen (sounds) or the silhouettes created (arrangement).

And yeah, it held me back from the arrangement part for several years, cuz I would get lost in the tweaking and mixing. But I have focused on it so much that I can now do it in the process of arranging, can get what I want relatively quickly and it doesn’t really bog me down any more.

_-| get to work |-_

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