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I just subbed for the full membership. I noticed that the previous months videos on “Video Stream” Are not available to watch and also have a fee listed.

How does this work exactly? Are those videos only available for members that were subscribed during those months? Will the videos that premiered during months that my sub is active be available for me to watch after the month is over? Do I have to pay to watch previous months videos and if I cancel my membership will these videos still be available if I’ve paid for them?


Hey, welcome aboard 🙂

Yes, as Joppa says there: the monthly subscription is allowing access to the video stream, which is basically a channel. When you first join you get the current month’s video to stream + the previous month for free.
Videos that were released from before this time (before you joined) can be purchased on an individual a la cart basis from the vault for a low fee – these videos you keep.
*And obviously the sample packs are designed to be downloaded and kept too.

If you un-sub for a few months, for example, when you sign back up any videos that you previously streamed will be made available to you again.

Hope this helps clarify and also we hope this proves to be a useful resource for you. It’s going to be a great season ahead 😀

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