Reply To: New here & looking for content to dive into.


Whats up people. As i said in the title i am new here and looking for some user suggestions on which content from the vault i should dive into first.

I had my eye on the QZB minimal tutorials and was wondering if anyone could give me a brief rundown of what to expect if i purchase that.

My main areas of interest at the moment are diving deeper into EQ and Compression as i feel like i have an okay understanding with synthesis and arrangements but i’m really struggling with getting my sounds to fit nicely within the mix.

Thanks very much and i look forward to your suggestions.

Hey Marco,

Firstly welcome aboard, and welcome to the forum 🙂

What kind of level are you at? There’s quite a bit of content in the vault, with nearly all of it using either an EQ or a form of compression in there somewhere! Joe Ford’s new course covers the foundations of EQ & Compression.
But if you are looking to go further, then it might be best to look at individual lessons to see where and why EQ & Compression is used in those contexts. For example Abis did a great tutorial last season on pretty advanced Drum Design and he dispels a lot of the assertions that you need compression…
If you wanted to start thinking about using Compression to its extreme, Disprove did a tutorial called ‘Drum Over Compression’ which is S05E07 in the vault.
The QZB minimalism tutorials are also really nice and cover their approach towards their particular style.

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