Reply To: New here & looking for content to dive into.

,Marco Dahlberg

Hey there thanks very much 🙂

I would say i am between the beginner-intermediate phase. I’ve been putting in the work for a few years now with some breaks here and there due to studying and not having as much time as i would like.

Currently i am learning drum synthesis and one of the issues i have with the tutorials is when they slap on a compressor at the end with some values that they may or may not understand and more often then not they don’t give any context for why they are doing what they are doing. It always leaves me asking why? So at the moment i am doing some research to try and understand this but there is always differentiating opinions on why you should or shouldn’t so progress is made slowly.

All of you’re suggestions are great, appreciate it. I think Joe Ford’s course might be the place to start in order touch base with the foundations and I’ll queue up the others when i think I’m ready.

Thanks for you’re help!

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