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– How do you make your drums ? You start from Scratch with Samples, Synthesize them or you use things like Addictive Drums for Layering to give it a more realistic feeling?

— I rarely use samples anymore. My library is 30 years deep. I tend to design FM front ends for the bite and the tail can be anything really. Imagination again is key here. Addictive drums is wicked, I have all the kits from that, and those have great raw library sounds that lends themselves really well to processing. A lot of my harts and crashes etc. is spawned out of that.

– And what about the Processing for them which EQ,Comp you use and why this Compressor for sound shaping ?
any tips for Compressor settings aswell ?

This you need to figure out yourselves. compression settings on a individual hit varies in most cases for me. My multiband settings are master bus specific. But usually snares – fast attack, short release/enveloped shaped. Hats – anything goes / Kicks medium attack / envelope shaped

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