Reply To: Stuck in a loop


cool question and nice answers here crew…
One idea which works for nearly all creative mediums is to take your sketch, and then do 3 or 4 variations of it…
Don’t spend too long on each, keep things moving and intuitive.

– So do a different version: keep all the parts other than the beats and make the beats from scratch again in a different way.

– Do another version: this time keeping the beats but change up the bass and other parts.

– Then do another version: and do something radical like put loads of distortion and LFO pumping / delay / frequency shifting / rind mod on the master output and see if some kind of interesting sample can be made by totally mangling the whole thing as one. This sample could end up being the basis for the finished tune.

At the end of this process see what you have and if something can be amalgamated from the 3-4 different sketches.

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