Reply To: Analysis of S1E11: Hybris – Ideas From Samples


Thanks! Working on my notes for the last S1 video now. This whole exercise has been good for me, it’s made me slow down and try to process the information shared in the tutorials, as well as thinking about applications and other approaches to what was shown.

Regarding “other approaches”, the past year I’ve built up a lot of synth patches by trying to replicate patches shown, but doing them in other synths. So, say something was shown in Massive or Razor, I then try to create something in Serum. Don’t usually get a 1:1 replica, but often times I’m getting some results that sound cool to me.

Still not quite where I want to be with my own music, but continuing to work at it, and hearing little improvements here & there.

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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