Reply To: My favorite new toy (Free Eurorack VST)

,Sunken Forest

It depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. In my experience, the SV-1 isn’t great at tracking. So if you’re looking at programming patterns that span octaves, expect to do a fair amount pitch correction.

I bought it for the same reasons you mentioned, to be my starting point for the eurorack world. I’ll be catering the rest of my future purchases to sound manipulation, rather than a synth voice set up.

In terms of the breadth of sounds you can discover, the SV-1 has me covered for now, but Plankton Electronics Ants! or the 0-coast are pretty versatile, and I would most likely check those out over the Mother if you have your Moog sound covered. These two can’t be rack mounted though, whereas the SV-1 can.

Different strokes.

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