Reply To: Lamp Sessions (Monthly Challenge #001) – submissions due June 20 at 11:59PM UTC


This is probably too ‘experimental’ for my tastes, but at least it sounds quite clean and what really caught my attention were the nice little drum rolls (e.g. at 1:06) – those are great.

What I enjoy at this style of music is usually the sound design – specifically weird twisting basses. And that’s imo what’s missing from yours. You have played quite a bit with the drums and percussions, however, there seems to be a lot of “empty space”. All these little breaks are screaming “put some crazy bass in here right now!” 🙂

Also, I never wrote this before (afaik)… I think your dynamic range is too high :p Sure, you shouldn’t copy mine (which is too low), but yours feels a bit like a rollercoaster where you never know how loud/quiet will the next hit be. I would apply some compression.

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