Reply To: No more Track walkthroughs


I personally prefer track walkthroughs.

A mix of videos that cover techniques and walkthroughs over the season is the best and that’s exactly what Sample Genie currently deliver. The best video (IMO) on Sample Genie atm is Silent Witness’ Being Human walkthrough, if you haven’t seen it, go and buy it!

Direct technique videos are great but I find that the track walkthroughs help me put what I learn in those technique videos into context when I actually sit down to write a tune.

I can watch videos all day on how to make sick bass sounds and make a whole folder full of new sounds. But, if I don’t know how I’m going to arrange and implement those sounds I’ve made into the tunes I’m writing then they aren’t really going to be of any use to me. Arrangement is just as, if not more important than sound design IMO.

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