BRISTOL KEYS | Piano Sampling Pack


A Piano Sampling Library.

A stunning & atmospheric collection.


We have a fresh concept to add to the Sample Genie armory, and this comes in the form of our new series of packs under the title of CROSS POLLINATE. The ethos of this new range is to pull inspiring external musical influences into the genre…

For this first release, we’ve recorded a stunning pack of piano samples in two special Bristol locations. This is perfect inspiration for fans of artists such as Lenzman, Calibre, Halogenix, LSB, Red Eyes, Phaction & others. However, not only is this pack aimed at producers of the rolling, musical style of D&B, but it’s versatile enough to work with many genres of music production.

The pack contains over 350 files and is custom designed for D&B producers due to the recording tempo and a choice of keys (which translate well to bass music). The full pack and is made up of:

  • 160 Individual chord samples from F Minor (+7th Chords) / E Major.
  • 60 long improvisations, perfect for sampling and chopping: Various Scales.
  • A selection of 8 improvisations transferred to vintage analogue tape and back.
  • 8 KONTAKT Sampler instrument patches / creativity tools.
  • 50 experimental samples.
  • 27 bonus MIDI files.

In terms of the recording team, we have worked with Bristol Piano Maestro, theorist and electronic music fanatic, Peter Mills; as well as location recording specialist and mix engineer, Daniel Inzani. Pete’s fantastic ability to play a beautiful sample has had justice done by it due to Dan’s advanced knowledge of recording, first class microphone collection – and choice of mic array.

The two locations bring with them totally different sonic qualities & harmonic fingerprints. The recordings done in the stunning St Mary Redcliffe Church, have a bright, crisp tone, tastefully mixed to contain the incredible acoustics of the space. In complementary contrast to this: the studio recordings of the century-old (and very special) Strohmenger piano, have a much drier, closer feel, and the harmonics of the piano itself ring out in detail, allowing the beautiful overtones to make each chord truly unique.

Included in this pack is a fantastic folder of experimental sounds – essentially a mini-pack in their own right – a selection of creative sounds still made by the piano…  just not from the conventional method of playing the keys!!


We hope you get as much enjoyment out of using this special pack as we did while making it.

It will – without question – be there for you to draw from for many years to come!

Check out Hospital Records artist and Bristol Producer Hugh Hardie reviewing this pack here