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This is a unique service.…

The philosophy of this subscription is that it is designed by producers, for producers; people who make this music day in day out and know what works and what doesn’t.

  • No frills. Solid, modern, sound design.
  • Quality over quantity, cutting edge textures with only the highest grade engineering on each sound.
  • Samples you will appreciate and use for a long time to come. Fat Bass sounds that can be reworked and made your own, beats that have room to chop & edit how you like & many other sounds and effects, all designed to make you buzz with inspiration and ideas.

Back Catalogue?

Sample packs are not archived by month. So no back catalogue is available. You’ll have one month to download the current pack, after this it is replaced with a fresh set of sounds. The idea is that there is something a bit more special about signing up, collectors will have differing sample banks depending on when they were using the service, with each month being a surprise set of sounds. The idea being; that everyone has a fresh new core sample library by the end of the year, being allowed time to catergorise and label them as they arrive month by month.

With time, we hope you collect a extensive sample bank; an enormous library that you can wonder shelf to shelf seeking out new ideas, story’s and inspiration.

So don’t sleep on it! Grab them quick AND make sure you have your sh*t backed up too! That’s what makes this so special, only those collectors who are signed up that month get those particular sounds…..


When you first sign up, you pay the current months fee on the spot, this gives you access to the latest sample pack and tutorial + the previous months tutorial. After this you are rebilled on the last day of each month moving forward. This recurring rebilling is for the forthcoming month’s content. So essentially you pay for each edition a day in advance.


Unlike many packs out there; where there are often hundreds of throw-away sounds (things which are generic or un-interesting), every single item on a SampleGenie release is strong, interesting and something you will re-use and re-sample for a long time to come. Each month giving you a fresh folder of amazing sounds to inject inspiration and life into your studio sessions….

Each monthly pack will contain a careful blend of next-level samples (24bit 44.1kHz WAV) from 3 different producers – under the following categories:

Drums Loops / Breaks
Single Drum Hits and Percussion Sounds
Percussive & Rhythmic loops
Solid Bass & textured Synth samples
Various presets for software instruments
Pads & Atmospherics
Leads & Mid-Range parts
Sound FX
Found-Sound (unusual real world recordings)

Every month a production tutorial video will be made by one of our Genies and uploaded to your membership area, featuring cutting edge techniques and advice. These are then available to stream from inside your membership area, for as long as you are signed up as a full member.

*Cancellation Policy*

If you wish to cancel, you are free to do so at any point, just  click the ‘unsubscribe’ button inside your membership area [you’ll still have access until the end of that month].