Interstellar Cinematics Course


6 advanced lessons in Sound design, from a true master of the craft. For D&B and beyond. Pushing sonics to the outer reaches.

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Crossing over to new worlds…

This exciting hybrid course is here to expand your skills as a sound designer, producer and ultimately, as an artist.

By taking cutting edge techniques developed for Game & Film design and adapting them for modern, D&B production you can bring an impressive drama, energy and technicality to your music. The concepts within the course have been developed over a long period of time; comnined with being done using all the very latest versions of DAW, plugins & tecnhqiues, make it something very special.

And who else better to teach this(?). Joe Ford is an absolutely formidable talent and a sound design collosus. Both on and off the rave dancefloor, his work never ceases to push the boundaries and mystify listeners. Not only that, but he is (in our opinion) the best educator out there. A clear & thoughtful delivery make this course an absolute pleasure to watch and re-watch.

In recent years he’s been working deeply in the video game industry with the craft pushing him to think outside the box and advance his sound design skillset. Now he’s back! To share with you some of these techniques, using the latest processes such as: Granular Delay, Spectral Dynamics, Harmonic Distortion, Recombinant modulations, hybrid reverbs + much much more.

6 expertly delivered lessons that cover a range of sounds and techniques as well as providing the Ableton project files* for each.


1. Dark Brass Horizons

Hans Zimmer on roids. Fully synthesised, searing leads

Distortion Stacking | Advanced Flanger

2. Deep Space Tones

Mesmeric, deep atmospheres, drones & tones

Granular Delays | Timewarping

3. PLasma Emissions

6 Million Volts Through the Speakers

Complex Routing & Expressive Randomization

4. Alien Communications

Sound Beyond Usual Imaginings

Spectral Dynamics | Creative Foley Resampling

5. Celestial Impacts

Full Frequency, Multi-layered collisions

Vocoding | Pitch Shifting

6. Black Hole Basslines

Dark, Dynamic & Powerful

Multi-stage bass Transients | Advanced Distortion Paths


(* This course was created in Ableton Version 12. While the techniques can be learnt and closely replicated in other DAWs and other versions of Ableton, the accompanying project files and instrument racks are only accesible in version of 12 of Ableton.)


This course is independent of our monthly subscription content and is available to everybody. Once you’ve purchased, it’s permanently available to you for streaming, regardless of membership level.