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Insideinfo Joins the Team!

Posted: 14 April 19

:: Announcement 3/6: For our third reveal of the forthcoming season, we are incredibly pleased to welcome back an old friend of the project, Paul Bondy aka the illustrious Insideinfo.... Paul is, to us, a legend of the scene and in so many wa...

Buunshin Joins the Team!

Posted: 17 March 19

:: Announcement 2/6: Our second revealing of next years team comes in the form of something we've not done before... We actually made the call to work with Buunshin based almost entirely on recommendation, rumour and intuition. After a fortuitous ...

NickBee Joins the Team!

Posted: 13 March 19

:: Announcement 1/6: So, we are now hot on the heels of a new season at Sample Genie, with July 2019 marking the launch of S07... The very first piece of news we have for you is that the enormous and distinctive talent of NickBee will be part of t...

Sample Genie Adopts Bitcoin!

Posted: 16 July 18

  Some of you will already be aware, but it's now official… From today you can sign up using the latest block chain technology! Bitcoin has had its ups and downs - there’s no question about it - and its future is still somewhat ...

GRIDLOK Joins the Team!

Posted: 14 June 18

:: Announcement 6/6: There was a real touch of fate and fortune in this addition to our team. The opportunity to work with Gridlok presented itself out of the blue. Soon the dialogue was moving, and we are now incredibly excited to be able to let ...

HYBRIS Joins the Team!

Posted: 26 May 18

:: Announcement 5/6: As you may know we are always keen to work with artists more than once, which is why the extraordinary talent of Evan Vischi aka HYBRIS, is gracing our roster for this new forthcoming season... he was part of the very first ye...

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