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Meet Rillium…

Posted: 30 June 20

It's always fantastic to discover new artists and people through our work, each year we hold a demo submission window which is a great time to see what's going on and hear what people are up to out there. Every year we get sent amazing tunes of a ...

MONTY joins the Team!

Posted: 17 June 20

:: Announcement 6/6: The final reveal of the new season is here! The last piece in our puzzle comes in the form of production sensation, Monty... He's an artist who's had our attention for several years now; one of of those talents who kind of ...

SUBTENSION Joins the Team!

Posted: 10 June 20

:: Announcement 5/6: Bringing some fresh futuristic vibes and unique sound design aesthetics to the new season we are totally stoked to have Mário Dočekal AKA Subtension as part of team of sample makers and tutors... We've long admired Subten...

FADE BLACK Join The Team!

Posted: 4 June 20

:: Announcement 4/6: Back once again with some more exciting news! Joining the previous announcements of Teebee, Skantia and Levela we have the pleasure of letting you know that the deadly duo Fade Black are on the new squad! On this next run w...

LEVELA Joins The Team

Posted: 14 May 20

:: Announcement 3/6: Back once again with some more exciting news! An exclusive signing to our new team of Sample makers and tutors is the master vibesman Callum Smart aka Levela! He's a guy with a long standing passion for music - getting into...

SKANTIA Joins the team!

Posted: 28 April 20

:: Announcement 2/6: Next up, rolling in on the good news wagon, we have the distinct pleasure of announcing Skantia as one of our new team members for the forthcoming season! Charlie is one of those talents that has risen up quickly. He first ...

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