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NYMFO Joins The Team!

Posted: 9 April 18

:: Announcement 2/6: We bring you the exciting news that NYMFO aka Bardo Camp is joining our new team on their quest to educate and inspire you in the ways of Bass and Drum! Nymfo is a name well known to the real heads of our scene. Standout si...

ARKAIK Joins The Team!

Posted: 27 March 18

:: Our very first announcement of the new season! We are enormously excited to bring to you the news that talented guy from Shanghai is on this next journey with us; and you! Arkaik is someone we have been hoping to work with for some time and ...

DC Breaks : Gambino : Insid...

Posted: 8 February 18

DC Breaks have a forthcoming remix LP about to drop, on which their anthem GAMBINO has been given a monstrous remixing by none other than Insideinfo.

Joe Ford Joins the Team!

Posted: 19 May 17

:: Our fifth announcement of the new season.... the phenomenal talent of Joe Ford is on board! Fresh, exciting, powerful & baffling are all words that to us, describe Joe's music perfectly. Widely regarded as something of an anomaly, be...

MethLab Joins the Team!

Posted: 5 May 17

  :: Our fourth announcement of the new season.... A Collaboration with MethLab ! A brand new twist to the project, and one we think you're going to really enjoy - a team within a team. Instead of one outfit filling this spot you'll...

Lenzman Joins the Team!

Posted: 19 April 17

  :: Our third announcement of the new season.... Lenzman! As we take the project on a more diverse route over the next year, we have the best of the best covering each style, it comes with huge excitement to reveal Teije will be pa...

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