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The Annix lads have been on a stampede, their sound in recent years has just kept on advancing and updating and showing no signs of aging. Caesium, recently on Vision recordings, was an indication of what was afoot: completely monstrous sonic designs, vibes and mixdowns. These guys make music for the raves: always have done. Writing as a duo for over a decade; but before that, Mike & Scott were working solo as Decimal Bass and Konichi, respectively.  Together as Annix, they now with a heavy discography, starting on Hype’s Playaz, but with big tracks on other labels too, like Ram and Crucast, and then of course more recently on their own energetic new imprint, Neksus.

D&B is so fascinating partly because of how various sub genres come into existence, and then over time, they all interact with one another, drawing influences and evolving fresh takes and hybrids. Where the dancefloor and jump up vibe mingles with the darker tech sounds there exists an area where the sound design and technical characteristics are often on a different creative level – and of a very ‘punk’ style, perhaps this is why so much innovative music seems to happen in that space…

We actually remember chatting to Rockwell, back in the day at one of the Dlabz seminars, and we were talking about who would be great to have down, and literally the first thing he said was “Annix, get the Annix boys in here”. So, we thought… if Rockwell thinks they are exciting, then that says it all really! So it’s awesome to have them exclusively with us for a whole season of Sample Genie. From chats between them and their great manager, Lewis, we are all really excited about what’s in store for our members. Some world-first tutorials from them and a whole slew of brand new samples made fit for 2022 and far beyond.

SGS10 begins very soon and as you may have gathered by the team so far…. we are heading directly for the rave… buckle up!



>>>  We asked Scott & Mike a few pre-season questions…

Welcome aboard guys! Awesome to have you with us. How are you and what’s coming up for team Annix? Saw you just put some wicked teaser clips up on Instagram…?

Hey, thanks for having us! We’re good thanks, we’ve been busy working on lots of music and we have loads of releases lined up for this year, starting with a single on Monstercat.

So how did you come to form as a duo and what were each of you up to before that?

We decided to form as a duo as we’ve always made music together so it made sense. We’ve been friends for a while before that and find it very easy to work together musically. We’ve always done music from a young age and the whole process has been very organic and natural

We have heard mythical stories that you guys work very hard indeed in the studio, long sessions without stopping.. is this true? How would you describe your general approach to production? 

Well, yeah guess that is true, it can vary, sometimes it’s just a couple of hours but can easily turn into 10 hours if the vibe is right and the productivity is high, it all depends on the vibe at the time. Luckily this is our full-time job so we commit large amounts of time to it. This is necessary to be good at any craft. Our approach is not to force things. We only keep going if the ideas are flowing.

Is there a kind of groove or format to how you work as a duo? Does each of you have different strengths? How do you go about it all?

Not particularly. We both do a bit of everything. Depends on the song really. We usually meet up and decide what we want to do and go from there. But sometimes we just improvise and do random stuff.

I guess it depends on the mood and feeling at the time

What software are you using these days to write music? What’s your core studio set-up?

Cubase 11, serum, serumfx and fab filter plug ins are the main things we use. And of course, pc, monitors etc.

These will be your first ever tutorials… What do you think is your strongest area to teach or what do you think would be of most value to share?

Probably our approach to making drums and bass sounds which is normally a lot of layers in different frequency bands doing slightly different things. Can all be explained in the video!

You have totally bonkers sound design skills, nothing tame that’s for sure! What can our members look out for in your forthcoming samples for us?

We will try to provide the best of our sounds and give the user plenty of different stuff to work from

What’s coming up for you this summer that you are excited about?

Rampage is definitely a highlight, also getting our new batch of music out because we feel like it’s our most creative tunes ever

What are your interests or hobbies outside of Music making?
Listened to other music, trying different food, playing Ps4, seeing friends etc

Yes lads 🙂


The new season of Sample Genie begins on 1.7.22.

More announcements coming soon!

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