Those that follow the GENIEDUBS project will know what it’s about: showcasing the best of the music we hear from friends and members of the site: up and coming artists’.

With the latest submission window we had such an amazing diversity of music sent in, we were able to put together 3 EP’s of music all representing a different aesthetic.
We began with the junglistic infused and organic tones of ‘Earth’ now we serve up the next round….

Introducing Pt II: FIRE

The first track, ‘Skyfall’, is by a new producer that shows great potential. SBST has a really strong musical ear and good ear for transient detail too. This tune is a pleasure to listen to and is reminiscent of a certain Ram and Viper sound in vibe and texture: and that’s not an easy thing to do.
He’s been entering some remix contests lately and generally pushing forward. Keep an eye on this guy…

Next up: Newcomers to our radar, DJ Wolf & Mojuba, with their tune ‘Counting Mirrors’ a rolling yet stepping number, with a clean production lick, funky grooves and a bending bass riff that really sticks in your head! Keen to hear more from these guys!

An old friend of the project. INSCT, provides the third dub. After a trancey build, ‘Hogworn’ is an all out lashing, techy, romper stomper. Sven is no new name to us (and in general) but it’s always a pleasure to hear his tunes and this beastly dub works perfectly with the EP.

This is FIRE.
AIR will be hitting your inboxes very soon…

And download the EP in full WAV quality for free HERE

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