JOE FORD | Ableton For Drum & Bass Production [Course]


28 carefully designed lessons accompanied by 15 project files and over 80 samples. A game changer.

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There’s never been a better time to learn from the best….

We have teamed up with the mighty Joe Ford to deliver a very detailed course, carefully designed for people new to production / Ableton. As anybody who uses our monthly membership will know, each month we strive to publish only the most cutting edge and advanced production tutorials available. The calibre of this course is cut from the exact same cloth; only this time we have built something that looks at the foundations with a view to bringing people up to speed; either with Ableton, or production in general. This is perfect for those new to production and likewise invaluable for people moving over to Ableton from another DAW.

Learning production from the ground up can be long and sometimes very frustrating business. We’ve custom designed this course to fast forward through a lot of the struggle and confusion. Over the duration of 28 videos, Joe Ford skillfully covers both Ableton usage from the ground up, AND this is done with a focus on the specialist techniques required to produce modern Drum & Bass, fit for 2020 and way beyond.

The genre is widely revered as being one the most technically demanding styles to write: having a good knowledge of the foundations of audio engineering is fundamental to achieving a sound that is fit for the big systems. Joe is not only a highly talented producer (who needs little introduction) but also an excellent teacher too – he has really got inside the mind of somebody new to either production or Ableton (or both!) and created something of superb quality.

You might think bringing Joe in to teach about the fundamentals of production is like bringing a machine gun to knife fight… but there is nothing OTT about this. He’s a producer who knows what’s up, and he knows what information is needed when you are starting out writing Drum & Bass, so there is no waffle and there is no fat. Each video is only the most essential viewing.


This course is independent of our monthly subscription content. It’s available to everybody, and once you’ve purchased, it’s permanently available for streaming, regardless of your membership level


Lesson Contents:

  1. Getting around Ableton
  2. Understanding Audio & EQ
  3. Kick & Snare Design [Using Drum Racks]
  4. Sequencing a Beat
  5. Warping Samples
  6. Wavetables
  7. Modulation & Moving Sound
  8. Automation
  9. Sampling with Simpler
  10. Sampling with Sampler
  11. Saturation & Distortion
  12. Assigning Macro Controls
  13. Deeper Distortion
  14. Understanding Reverb
  15. Delay
  16. Compression & Limiting
  17. Gating
  18. Building an Intro
  19. Writing a Drop
  20. Developing a Drop
  21. Finishing the Drop
  22. Build Ups
  23. Build Ups +
  24. Arrangement
  25. Mixing & Sidechain
  26. Mixing & Return Tracks
  27. Exporting your tune
  28. BONUS VIDEO: Clips & Scenes

The course is accompanied by 15 Ableton project files (Version 10) and over 80 audio samples.

Watch Part 1: Getting around Ableton for free here!