Reply To: Help with Multiband distortion crossover


Anyone know if you can change the crossover settings on say trash 2? I find the crossover settings on most Multiband distortions are always pre distortion. I want it post distortion. (EQ crossover cut after distortion) So then its a natural input from the sub as if it were a single band and then yeah eq cut afterward distortion if this makes sense. Finding it very frustrating and don’t want to create busses etc to achieve this as this is the whole point of Multiband distortion. Any help would be amazing! x

Hey there, this feature is usually inbuilt in most Izotope plugins 😀
You just click on the graph panel as shown in the image below, and move the order of the modules around.
(image is for Alloy 2, but should be the same idea for Trash?)

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