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yeah sure! The great thing with impulses is they can be anything. I spent quite a bit of time trying all different things, but one thing that stuck is using white noise and a unison sine wave, so the impulse is tuned. I use Serum, and load in some white noise into the Noise OSC. I’ll then use OSC 1 and load a sine wave. White noise will be mono so I want to create something more interesting in the stereo image, so I FM the sine wave (OSC1) from the white noise and make OSC 1 unison with some detuning. This typically gives a little more interest.

I’ll then make impulses for every key and do a couple of octaves. I made these primarily for snare tails, and as they are tuned I can select what key I want the impulse in. It’s amazing for snare tails and for creating that resonate ‘ping’. You can also make the snare tails super long which is maybe kinda useless but really fun and goofy haha. Once I have something I like, I’ll normally render off the wet only reverb into audio, so I can be super precise with my fade-ins and outs, add some mid/side EQ and/or some distortion etc….

Here is a quick example. I just took the first snare in my library and picked the first impulse which sounded cool. The first example is the snare dry, and the second is with a convolution reverb (Abelton’s max for live Convolution. It’s free!) 50% wet, no further processing.

I uploaded a few of my impulses to the below folder. But spend a bit of time making your own, and you’ll have crazy snare tails for life 😀

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