Reply To: Made Neurofunk tune after 8 years break


Hi, thank you very much. I will try something. I remember putting mostly like 2x chorus on bass, no reverb.

Snare has some reverb, just a little and I was afraid it will be too much. I think I want to spend like 10 hours more maximum and perhaps it is also good to think about sending this to a mixing engineer.

I feel there is always some limit and the only retrospective helps to fine-tune details. My time also costs something and I could spend this time on a new tune.

I currently work with exported stems. I think I could try that Zynaptic plugin to “unreverb” a track. Never tried that 😀

The bass has like 5 layers I exported to wav and spent a lot of time on another processing. So it is difficult to change it…perhaps I can have this in mind next time on another work (I could change the drum pattern though).

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