Announcement 6/6. We welcome new blood to the team this season, in the form of the immensely talented RILLIUM.

This Moscow based producer has been on our radar for a little while, originally as an unknown entity sending in a demo to one of our submission sessions. A demo so impressive that it was later snapped up by none other than Black Sun Empire for their label and released it.

Rillium has since completed a remix for BSE of their anthem ARRAKIS, and has big releases out on Phace’s NEU label and also Surveillance. Oh he also gave this tune away for free, which is one of the most beautiful, affirming tunes we’ve heard in a while. It’s so exciting to be watching his rise to notoriety, and there is no doubt at all his next releases are going to be pure fire, we very much wait with salivating mouths for new Rillium beats to arrive.

Kirill is a professional classical musician by trade, a Pianist to be exact; and it’s all about where his musical talents intersect with a fiendishly good ear for mixdowns and filthy bass… He’s an artist with massive capability in so many areas which is what makes him such a perfect person to have on the team in terms of teaching. But also, he’s someone who knows how to inspire with samples as starting points. We’ve had a batch in already and they incredible, it has to be said – even the more simple sounds have a refined harmonic texture about them and instantly get ideas forming – 100% what we are about <3

So…. this announcement completes the 6 for the new season ahead: we have a formidable crew of artists / engineers / teachers onboard and this year ahead is going to be really special.

Sample Genie is 10 years deep! Let’s gooo.


Following up from the first announcement of Simula being one of the six, we drop yet more exciting news in the form of Current Value. As long-time admirers of his whole thing, having him as a main content provider for next season is a real vibe, it has to be said.

The term ‘prolific’ is often thrown around, but with Current Value there really is no better word. He has a truly prodigious back catalogue, in fact, you’d be hard pressed (perhaps other than Calibre) to find an artist who comes close to his consistent level of output. To scratch the surface: his Soundcloud alone currently has 320 tracks listed on there, and over 6 pages on Discogs. Writing up this article and putting together a playlist was a hard task – in fact a slightly annoying task – simply trying to calculate what he’s done is a bit like counting the stars in the sky, and whittling it all down to a few paragraphs and 13 tracks is actually quite funny. But… we must try!

When you delve right back into his history, a couple of things are clear… Firstly: he’s been in this since the very early days. Secondly: he’s been smashing the doors off it with a new angle for all of these 25 years.

Even since his earliest surfacing in 1997/8 he had a new take on what was going on – evident in tunes like Subsonic, with an advanced level of editing and production quality. Tracks like Dark Halls being an era-capturing classic; and in Knifesharpening, you could hear he was already asking questions of what sounds – like snares – ‘had’ to be.  A question that he asked and re-answered, repeatedly, in the decade that followed. Taking these ideas even further, he went on to write an onslaught of instantly recognizable tracks – notably remixing Donny’s Symptomless Coma – that one rolling many an eyeball into the back of its socket in those glorious years of heavy, dark, complex & ferocious rave music.

Where’s my 5am crew?! Probably in a dark room somewhere having their auditory cortex battered by Tim’s outrageous drums…

In more recent years he reinvented and revamped his sound again, straightening out his grooves a little bit and going in on the bass and vibes end; exciting so many in the scene on an almost weekly basis. Black Sun Empire, and later, The Noisia guys, were quick to champion what Tim was newly creating and he subsequently released a number of singles, EP’s and LP’s on their sensational, INVISIBLE label. He’s released a great deal of music elsewhere too, notably on Blackout, Souped Up DeVice, DIVIDID, Methlab and many more. Collaborating with: Mefjus, Phace, Levela, Black Sun Empire, Amon Tobin, Bou, Serum, Prolix, Xtrah, TI… Oh what’s the point now. Quite literally too many to list, or probably ever know. All these long lists, that miss things out… we’ll just stop..

Basically: this man has been smashing it every month, for years & years, and continues to do so to this very day. On his own or in collabs, it makes no odds at all. He’s a creative machine gun.

Tim has an absolute wealth of studio knowledge and techniques to share, and his sound design nuggets are certain to set you alight with ideas & starting points for writing tracks.

With enormous excitement we welcome Current Value to the team, and can’t wait to unleash our new content very soon.


Sample Genie is now rolling ten years deep, and to mark this formative decade of doing our thing we are making this next season something really special…  As always, each artist on the team will be bringing their own unique stamp, but this season it’s about full on intensity and energy in an upfront way, each artist working with us is at the pinnacle of the area of D&B they are creating in.

We make our first announcement exactly as we are to continue: Will Ryan AKA Simula is one of the six. He’s an artist we’ve been keeping an ear on for a number of years, and watching his sound develop and push boundaries has been so fascinating. Right from the beginning to today his tracks are so clearly ‘his’ but at the same time it’s been like watching a big piece of granite get refined down over the years, it’s still the same raw material…. but that technical polish though….

He very clearly has a brilliant mind for sound design and this is probably the primary reason we’ve been keen to work together – as it’s cornerstone interest of the Sample Genie ethos – but he’s highly accomplished in all areas of production: rhythmic creativity, mix engineering and arrangement too. He’s all about upfront music that brings a rave to life and it’s for all these reasons that we are massively excited to be working together for the next season. Our decade season.


The Annix lads have been on a stampede, their sound in recent years has just kept on advancing and updating and showing no signs of aging. Caesium, recently on Vision recordings, was an indication of what was afoot: completely monstrous sonic designs, vibes and mixdowns. These guys make music for the raves: always have done. Writing as a duo for over a decade; but before that, Mike & Scott were working solo as Decimal Bass and Konichi, respectively. Together as Annix, they now with a heavy discography, starting on Hype’s Playaz, but with big tracks on other labels too, like Ram and Crucast, and then of course more recently on their own energetic new imprint, Neksus.

D&B is so fascinating partly because of how various sub genres come into existence, and then over time, they all interact with one another, drawing influences and evolving fresh takes and hybrids. Where the dancefloor and jump up vibe mingles with the darker tech sounds there exists an area where the sound design and technical characteristics are often on a different creative level – and of a very ‘punk’ style, perhaps this is why so much innovative music seems to happen in that space…

We actually remember chatting to Rockwell, back in the day at one of the Dlabz seminars, and we were talking about who would be great to have down, and literally the first thing he said was “Annix, get the Annix boys in here”. So, we thought… if Rockwell thinks they are exciting, then that says it all really! So it’s awesome to have them exclusively with us for a whole season of Sample Genie. From chats between them and their great manager, Lewis, we are all really excited about what’s in store for our members. Some world-first tutorials from them and a whole slew of brand new samples made fit for 2022 and far beyond.


As a project, and a platform, we love and appreciate all styles of this music. How can you not? It surely has to be the most diverse genre of electronic music and this is to be celebrated. We have always loved the deeper, brooding side to D&B – the side that shares a main artery with Jungle, and hardcore; with vintage breaks run red; samplers and desks being used & abused; atmospheres that make your hairs stand on end. We wanted season 10 to contain & represent this special aesthetic: and we wanted the very finest to cover it. So we head to the awe inspiring Canada and get down amongst it….

These guys have so much history together: as friends and also as producers and artists. A chemistry and shared vision in the studio that can’t be synthesised, which is a big reason why we are so delighted to have them involved, as a well-oiled duo is a joy to behold.

Gabriel (Gremlinz) has a formidable back catalogue that stretches way-back. Outings on Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz, Samuari, 31, Paradox, Cylon: the list goes on. He’s a true underground soul and has garnered massive respect across the whole scene, for both his production prowess and powerful DJ sets. Jesta (as you will read in the interview) goes way back in this scene too and together with Gremlinz they have written a substantial number of tracks over the years. Never seeming to put a foot wrong, their sound is unwavering in quality and authenticity. With an album soon to drop on the mighty Headz, this is literally the perfect time to have these guys serving up content to inspire and arm you on your journey. We head into the deepness…….HYPE.


Whether it’s working on big vocal anthems spilling with musicality, or straight up dancefloor murkers, they seem to bring strong flavour, grooves and a really exemplary technical finish.

This is another duo that go back. Writing music for over a decade together and individually for 20 years each. As a duo, their first ventures and breakthroughs in 2011 were during the Dubstep years. They wrote numerous massive tunes in the 140 vicinity, also releasing some future garage and electro tracks and… some D&B too. This range was perhaps the first indication of what was under the hood here, and what technical and musical capacity would unfold in the coming decade ahead.  And my word didn’t it do just that…

By the time 2014 had arrived they seem to have settled down and taken their vows with D&B; now signed to that OG prodigious label, Technique Recordings. This is when the (our) scene really started to take note of what these boys were about – monthly turnings out of absolute killer tracks, and with a sound that seemed to be evolving before our very eyes. With faithful backing from Friction on BBC R1, it came as no surprise when Document One later signed to Shogun and now, more recently Elevate.


Few artists are heralded as true pioneers.

That really is an understatement.

In Matt Quinn, however, we have a producer who, without any shadow of doubt, is a bonafide luminary, genre-shaping, trendsetting, legend of the Drum & Bass ecosystem.

‘Optical’ is an alias that evokes immediate respect; his work spans back over 25 years and there isn’t a DJ in the scene who hasn’t hammered his music at some point in this period. Together with Ed Rush, they turned the game on its head, and without question were fundamental in the laying of the path that led to today’s sound – no debate about it.

It is actually impossible to fine down his discography to a ‘top ten’ of any kind, but there are obvious tunes that we all love so much. The main aspect of this music that stands out to the listener is the variety in vibe & style. It all just exudes character and personality, whether it’s the relentless techno carnival that is KERB CRAWLER, or the stone cold jazz-laced killer in WATERMELON, or the rave destroying monster in CHUBRUB – this is vibrant music that always makes you feel things…. and blows your mind in the process.

It’s an enormous honour and a really proud moment in our history to welcome Optical as one of our new team of six.

He will be exclusively supplying our members with fresh production samples and studio tutorial videos. In terms of samples, expect a blend of vintage Optical flavours, combined with the sound design he’s been working on more recently.



Charlie is one of those talents that has risen up quickly. He first caught our attention with his track ‘Slapstick’ from his EP entitled ‘Unorthodox’ released on Ram Records ulterior platform, ProgRam (with that whole EP being a total killer).

His sound captures a UK-Bass vibe through and through. With high technical production merits but yet somehow leaving the roughness and character pumping through its veins: it’s a special combination.

Over the last few years he’s put music out with the likes of Lifestyle Music, Nemesis Recordings, and Faceless Audio. But now signed to the mighty Ram Records it’s clear to see what kind of path he has ahead of him…

On this next season it’s about treading a line between the clinical, almost mathematical nature of production, and the more rugged, unrestrained & unfiltered side of it. We feel Charlie walks that line to perfection: he has a real sonic signature to his music, but at the same time keeps us guessing with what’s about to leave his studio next – a quality that is very special in any form of artistry.

So, it comes with the greatest pleasure to make this second announcement to you, and we hope this news gets you excited about the year ahead. You are in the company of a rising star….


He’s a guy with a long standing passion for music – getting into DJ’ing at just eleven years old and progressing to music production by the age of thirteen. He’s now been releasing music for over a decade to a very high level, and has his own imprint ‘Multi Function’.

The last 12 months have seen Levela make guest appearances on high profile labels such as Vision Recordings, Critical Music, Technique Recordings, ProgRAM and Get Hype. His productions have also taken on a new feel in the last couple of years, formerly known for writing straight up jump-up bangers on labels such as Corruptive, Radical Beats, and of course his own imprint; in his newest work he’s maintained this fun, and lively aspect but now alloyed it with a slightly deeper, sometimes darker coating. These two influences working together really do create something very special indeed, something that masterfully blurs all the sub divisions and genres of Drum & Bass.

Callum is someone who has substantial experience, not just as a producer but as a DJ too, and this is a deadly combination when it comes to tuition as it means he really does know what works. We’re over the moon to have him as part of our new team and know for sure his input is going to bring a fresh angle to the year ahead. Hype!


Teebee has been in service to the game for a long time, involved in music deeply since the 90’s; but yet, his prolific history is not all that defines him. To this day, he is still creating masterpieces, in more recent years combining forces & talents with Calyx to storm the Ram Records shelves with their signature neo-funk-tear-out, fit for the biggest stages.

Teebee has been (and still is) an inspiration to a generation of minds; those who are always searching for something that bit deeper and more evocative. It then comes as no surprise that his music was one of the prime movers behind Burial’s influences in production – and you can certainly hear that same passion in both of their works. Atop his long history of solo work (and his more recent duo material) Tee has also been on several collaborations over the years, not least of which with Noisia together writing their mighty cuts : Shower for An hour, Moon Palace, Lost Cause & Hyenas (with Calyx). And it would of course be a sin not to mention his phenomenal remixing of Photek’s Ni ten Ichi Ryu – still sounding fresh and futuristic today: now 14 years old, but blessed with production merits that have not aged negatively; in fact the opposite.


Nick is an artist that, although still young, has already been producing for a long time. First getting into the production of D&B aged just fifteen: he really threw himself into learning how to engineer it, with 12 hour+ days spent developing the necessary skills…. Since those early years he has gone from strength to strength as an artist. Both technically and creatively he’s always pushing his own boundaries with each release, and has now rightly picked up the attention of just about everybody in the scene. Most notably Noisia who have released many of his tracks on their label: two EP’s including the highly impressive ‘Arkaim’ EP (more on that later!). He also remixed their track ‘Hand Gestures’ with another big Ukranian artist, Sunchase.

Another special moment has to being asked to do an official remix for Moby, on his track with The Void Pacific Choir – ‘Its So Hard To Say Goodbye’ – Great to hear Nick flexing his skills and taking that into half-time territory.


Paul is, to us, a legend of the scene and in so many ways a producer’s producer. He’s an artist who never writes the same track twice, yet somehow seems to have an incredibly distinct sound; both in terms of musicality & the technical finish applied to it. His tracks are phenomenal to hear on a big sound system too, as they always seem to take on a whole new life and meaning: enormous low end power and energy reveals itself to be locked into the construction.

Aside from original works both by himself and as one half of the formidable duo ‘Circuits’ with Kasra, Paul has remixed a lengthy list of big tracks – to name just a few: ‘Gambino’ by DC Breaks, ‘The Truth’ by Kyptic Minds, ‘The One’ by Mampi Swift and more recently The stunning ‘Every Minute’ by the Brookes Brothers. It’s this history of working with other artists’ that make him such and interesting and exciting addition to season seven – brimming with techniques, working knowledge of the dancefloor and a brilliant technical mind.


Buunshin (aka Ferry Mellegers) is currently studying Sonology at the Dutch Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Netherlands, so is somewhat of a scientist of sound when not writing tracks to tear up the Dancefloor.

His debut EP ‘Presence’ recently came out on DIVIDID, and has been receiving plays and support from A-list names such: Noisia, Ed Rush, Phace, Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, Signal and many more. He’s recently been in the studio together with Phace and also recently did a killer remix of Noisia & Phace ‘Micro organism’

So by now, it’s probably clear to see what all the excitement is about, and why this forthcoming year is an amazing time to have this talented producer on our team. His contribution to the sample pack will bring only the most high quality and cutting edge building materials for our members to get creative with; and his tutorials will be journeying deep into the world of advanced sound design…


Adrian’s exceptional ear for a strong hook & sample is evident across his work, and he has already produced a number of tracks that are consistently being drawn by a wide range of DJs as well as having been released on leading labels such as Integral, The North Quarter, Shogun Audio and Fokuz.

Getting the attention of the mighty Lenzman and TNQ is a real seal of approval, but it hasn’t stopped there… Numerous BBC R1 plays courtesy of Rene LaVice also show the level Satl is currently already at in his career.

We’ve heard the call from people out there who are looking to learn from leading lights of the more liquid realms of D&B  – and we have responded! Satl’s output sits at the perfect intersection of beautiful musicality and high production value; while avoiding the error of over-producing. Knowing how to leave certain layers more natural is a real skill in itself, making the right judgement of what colours go together and what in order is an ability perhaps more likened to a painter, but we think Adrian’s work feels a lot like that.  Needless to say, we are delighted to have him on board and are really excited for the new dimension his input is going to have on the new season!

Signal & Abis

While we enthusiastically welcome back Jon (Signal) for a second run on Sample Genie, this will be Mark’s first time to the project – though he is no newcomer to the scene. Before forming his new moniker in recent years, Mark was one half of the formidable duo June Miller. Equally, Signal’s sound is one people the world over are now enthralled by. Charting a rapid and distinct rise to fame, he has released myriad music on Invisible, Critical, Lifestyle, Shogun, NЁU and of course, DIVIDID. As a label, DIVIDID was formed together with Mark and is now home to several of their collaborations as well as solo music from each of them as individuals. They are a creative force to be reckoned with and having both minds working as one on our forthcoming season is sure to educate, inspire and equip our members with the tools and techniques necessary for writing modern Drum & Bass, at the bleeding edge….


This is an extra special addition for us, being that Phaction is from our home town of Bristol, working from his studio just a few miles from our HQ. As an active and highly regarded member of the local club scene, the Bristol vibe is undoubtedly infused into his thinking – both in his production and DJ sets.

His rise to notoriety within D&B has been both exciting and fascinating to watch. With his music being picked up and supported by fellow artists’ such as: Lenzman, Halogenix, Friction, Artificial Intelligence, Total Science, Marky, LSB, and of course, Goldie. This link with the head honcho of Metalheadz has led on to his own solo EP on Headz already released earlier in the year, plus another wrapped and forthcoming; and also stirrings of an even bigger project with them on the cards…

We wouldn’t describe him as a liquid artist – although he has some solid roots there. It’s not tech, though there are some stunning aspects of this in his new work. To us, his sound floats above conventional labelling, but we can say it’s diverse, it’s soaked in soul and it’s incredibly satisfying: it’s Phaction.


Nymfo is a name well known to the real heads of our scene. Standout singles for RAM Records, Hospital Recordings and Metalheadz have all made his name synonymous with tough, techno-tinged dancefloor drum & bass. Consistently releasing music since 2007 on labels like Dispatch Recordings, CIA, Spearhead, Innerground and Commercial Suicide. Nymfo has collaborated with Dutch artists like Black Sun Empire, Maduk and June Miller and of course Sample Genie Seasonaires’, State Of Mind.
His intuitive knowledge of a dance floor through being a DJ for many years is what seems to drive his creative ideas in the studio; knowing what works in the dance and always capturing a different vibe – never making the same tune twice.

This is just one of the reason why Bardo is going to be a real weapon in the new team. It’s that magical intersection where the creative meets the technical meets the experience of being a wicked DJ.  So it comes with great excitement and pleasure that we announce this news!


Such a fresh sound about their music; working tight grooves and deep techy vibes together in the way they do, it’s no wonder they have been regularly releasing on many massively respected labels such as: Flexout, Demand, Shogun and currently with two full artist EP’s out on Critical. Working together as a duo – two talented solo producers in their own right: QBig and Zenith B; before they forged their Brainchild of QZB resulting in a sound and style that is currently knocking it out of the _____  With their stripped back, deep rhythm and blues vibe, set in HD.

We think they have big and exciting things ahead of them, their musically considerate sound and solid technical skills combined with a real vision for what they’re making are just some of the ingredients that make us seriously look forward to working with these guys on the new season!

DC Breaks

Since signing to Ram Records, they’ve carved a reputation for delivering world class remixes for some of the biggest names in pop. Their work on singles by Paloma Faith, Lady Gaga, Lana del Rey, Tinie Tempah and others, as well as production for Example (a cut on the ‘Playing in the Shadows’ album) woke the pair up to the possibilities offered by vocalists. Still in the wake of their truly epic album ‘Different Breed’ out on Ram last year, they are busy as ever working on fresh material, so it’s a really exciting time to be having them involved with Sample Genie.
They have a highly diverse sound; well known for seminal anthems such as ‘Shaman’ and ‘Gambino’ but also equally adept at writing melodic, and more journey-full pieces such as ‘Everybody’ and the beautiful ‘Moving On’. There’s something about duo’s that seem to create the ideal environment for diversity; a meeting point of talents and thinking, which give rise to a varied as well as prolific output. So it comes with enormous pleasure and pride to be working with these guys over the coming year, and we know you’re going to love what they have in store for you!


Someone we have been hoping to work with for some time and now it’s finally come to be we are incredibly pleased. This producer has been grabbing the attention not only of Sample Genie, but of top labels such as: Dispatch, Critical, Flexout, Horizons and many more. He’s been steadily turning out tune after tune of superb quality, both in terms of flavour and technical finish. He has an open minded approach to his work, with lots of variety in his sound, but still with a really distinct feeling and driving energy underpinning it.
Pete has a lot to bring to the project as a sound designer: cooking up lots of inspiring pieces of audio for our members; and so too as a tutor, showing you how to both make sounds in your own way and also give ideas on what you can do with those sounds when writing a killer track of your own.


As you may know we are always keen to work with artists more than once, which is why the extraordinary talent of Evan Vischi aka HYBRIS, is gracing our roster for this new forthcoming season… he was part of the very first year of Sample Genie, and now, five years on, he’s back; but with even more sonic capability than before (if that’s even possible).
Since then he has continued to release mind bending tracks with pretty ferocious regularity. Including music on Blackout, Dispatch, Metalheadz, Subtitles, Project 51 and also housing his incredible LP Emergence on Invisible in 2014. Since then he’s collaborated with Noisia and Mefjus on the insanity that is Reptilians, and continued to turn out incredible single and EP releases elsewhere, all the while working hard as a DJ too.


There was a real touch of fate and fortune in this addition to our team. His career spans over twenty years, gaining him the attention of his peers, with household names such as Shy FX, Pendulum, and Dom & Roland all lining up to work with the American producer. Acknowledged by artists in and out of Drum and Bass, Gridlok has put his spin on other genres, remixing for the likes of electronica giant Josh Wink and so too with the house legend Sasha.
What makes this so special for us, is the fact that even with such a long and distinguished career; this is to be the first Sample Pack release from Gridlok, and also the first recorded tutorials too.


We’re so excited to welcome Laurence to the project – joining us on the next mission!

Boundless talent and creativity to his work, working as a solo artist and also as one of the three minds in the inimitable Ivy Lab.His music is currently at home on: Critical, Metalheadz, Dispatch, Ingredients, Invisible + several others – writing some absolute beauties along the way. He’s musically trained as well as a producer – so it’s this more classical understanding of music mixed with the illness which he’ll be bringing to the Sample Genie project! With such a varied array of sounds and styles he plays and makes, there’s a lot that Halogenix can bring, we can’t wait!

Joe Ford

Fresh, exciting, powerful & baffling are all words that to us, describe Joe’s music perfectly.

Widely regarded as something of an anomaly, being that he burst onto the scene at a young age – and did so capturing the attention of the long standing Gods of the technical realm. Spor, Bad Company, June Miller, Noisia all supporting his music. Now signed to Shogun Audio, he definitely holds his own space on Friction’s legendary label. With big projects coming in the pipeline for him, it’s a very exciting time to have Joe on board.

As always, we have a good chunk of this next season dedicated to the intricate, obsessive and technical side of making modern Drum & Bass, as it’s from this still-bleeding edge that we feel the biggest advancements in sonic possibility seem to come from. Joe has a fairly rare ability to combine the near atomic level of accuracy in production with excellent musicality and sound design. This is just one of the reasons why we are INCREDIBLY excited to be working with this artist, exclusively over the coming year. Big tings coming your way!


State Of Mind

They were part of the original team that kicked off the very first season and we’re amped that they will also be part of the brand new crew starting from July.

These guys have been around the block and by no means a new name in D&B but they are duo that has constantly been evolving their sound over the last 14+ years of production. On top of being diverse, they are now at the point where they are one of THE go-to names for harder, dance floor oriented styles – it’s fair to say they do not mess about!

Working closely with Black Sun Empire and running their own awesome label, their experience and technical knowledge is unquestionable. The aim with this next season is to go more diverse than ever before, making sure we cover many styles, techniques & software’s in the tutorial department and being equally as varied with the sample packs. We’ve had some taster samples in from SOM and it’s accurate to say they are phat AF! After the awesome response to their contributions in season 1, there was no hesitation in having these guys back for another round. Ding ding!


A brand new twist to the project, and one we think you’re going to really enjoy – a team within a team. Instead of one outfit filling this spot you’ll have six:

Current Value Malux / Hypoxia Audeka / War / Broken Note

To us, the MethLab sound is distinct yet very broad – touching on influences and styles across multiple genres, always high in the technical specifications and advanced in the sound design department. This is why this collaboration makes so much sense for Sample Genie, as we can offer you an even wider array of sounds and textures to work with – morphing them into your own vision of Drum & Bass.

Each of the artists’ involved in this special collaboration are ones we regard highly, with their music holding tenure on prolific labels such as: Eatbrain, Invisible, Critical, C4C, Program, Dispatch and also the mighty MethLab label itself.

MethLab won ‘Best New Label’ at last years Drum & Bass Arena awards – they are clearly a collective who are turning heads in the scene, and without question; a star still rising. This is why we are incredibly excited to have this talented squad working together to hold a place on next years team. Be prepared for a truly inspirational slew of samples and production tutorials arriving exclusively for our premium members. Hype!


As we take the project on a more diverse route over the next year, we have the best of the best covering each style, it comes with huge excitement to reveal Teije will be part of it.

An artist in the truest sense, his work is dripping in soul and organic flavours, one of the best examples of just how musical Drum & Bass can be without doing anything too obvious. A real legend in the scene both on the production and performance circuits’. And on that topic – we think he is one of the best DJ’s in the genre, always bringing a progressive and varied set, mixed with precision, always keeping you guessing!


One of the guys covering the harder, distorted and savage aspects of Drum & bass in our new team..

Rising to fame relatively quickly and getting attention from all the big neuro names in the scene. Fabrizio has carved out a sound for himself which has received plays from the heads of the game such as Kasra, Noisia, Andy C, Mefjus and many more..

He holds nothing back in his productions – in your face, loud and full of character. Clearly he has a mind for the technical side of things and it’s this knowledge he will be sharing with you, along with an exclusive set of building block production samples for you to craft your own tracks with. Giving you a source of inspiration that you can twist into your own vibe. On this next run of samples and tutorials we are going more diverse than ever before with nothing but the best of the best, there to help you along your own journey. We are so excited to have Disprove on board and can’t wait to unleash him upon you!


Alex Pavlenko is a true artist and one that crosses over genres, as well as sub genres, being able to masterfully turn his hand to a huge variety of sounds. As well as releasing music on his own high quality label 22:22 Recordings, he’s graced the back catalogs of many of the big labels including: Med School, Invisible, Metalheadz & Horizons. He’s known for a deep, musical yet minimal feeling to his work and has been pushing his own flavour of Drum & Bass for over 16 years. Based in the Ukraine this is the first artist we’ve had from this mysterious country and we really look forward to hosting arguably it’s finest electronic music producer to provide you with high quality samples and tutorials over the coming year. Aside from daily writing of D&B he works as a mastering engineer for many top labels and has a deep understanding of what the final processes of polishing a track are… something we can’t wait to hear about!


Frank Post is not an artist who makes the same thing twice, each of his tracks stand out as unique and different from the last, bursting with character and balls, always moving forward and trying out new ideas and techniques. His sound design skills are respected throughout the whole scene, coupled with insane mix down ability this has seen him release singles and EP’s on labels such as Critical, Shogun, Division and MTA, also completing big remixes for Opiuo, Neosignal and The Upbeats.

Frank is also the producer for Noisia’s awesome radio show, now two series deep. His studio is based in the same epic building as those guys and he is always hanging out sharing new ideas and techniques with them. Posij is already killing it on the festival circuit and playing out regularly, his knowledge of big crowds undoubtedly feeds back into this designs for making music that makes people lose their sh*t! We’ve had a first batch of samples in from him already and they are pure fire… expect solid sounds that you can work into something unique. Combined with his forthcoming sound design tutorials, Posij is a real gem in the crown this next season’s team…


We have been biting our tongue about this for too long, and we are now finally able to start letting you know who’s on the Genie team for next season! As one of the six, we are VERY hyped to make this first announcement that Jonathan Kievit aka Signal will be making production samples and tutorial videos exclusively for our members over the coming year.

To us he can only be described as an absolute prodigy. Few people in Drum & Bass have achieved global recognition and critical acclaim by the age of 17, a certain producer from Hornchurch springs to mind, but at this moment in time Signal stands alone in this achievement. He’s already released music on Critical Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Invisible and also has his music played pretty much every single week on the scene binding ‘Noisia Radio’. He’s got a style that’s deep energetic, minimal yet maximal in terms of how it presents sonically, a vibe which is dragging people by the ears from all over the world to hear his tunes. So needless to say we’re very excited to have him on board with us next season…

Jade & Mindscape

When this came together it’s safe to say excitement levels were pretty high here! Not only did we get the long-time, legendary producer Jade onboard but the equally as prolific and talented Mindscape joined forces with him and we got a seriously impressive duo to add to our team for next season.
Jade began producing over 16 years ago and has a back catalogue filled with heavyweight music, similarly Mindscape has been coming with exciting, hard hitting tunes for a long time, giving them a combined sum of over 30 years production experience between them. It’s safe to say they have a thing or to they can teach us!
Most will know, Jade also owns and runs the hugely successful and revered Eatbrain Recordings which has been built with care and hard work over the last 6 years to now become one of the most vibrant and energetic Neurofunk labels out there. Those of you interested in getting your music heard and considered for this label will be pleased to know we’ll be working with him over the coming year to link your awesome demo’s to Jade’s ears. So this combined with the sonic excellence of this duo and their solid footing in the harder end of this music we are really very hyped to have them delivering high quality samples and tutorials for our members.


Back once again with another reveal of next years team, we have that hard hitter from New Zealand – Dose

Chris is an artist who has been consistently writing cutting edge Drum & Bass for several years and has released on many of the top labels in our scene including: Subtitles, Ram, Eatbrain, SGN:LTD, Renegade Hardware and of course releasing his awesome Album ‘Mind The Future’ on Commercial Suicide. Known the world over for his tough, high impact sound he is as skilled a DJ as he is a producer – this is exactly why we are so pleased to have him involved over the coming year as his samples, tutorials and advice will all be angled at helping you to achieve that fully produced sound in your own tracks. Not only that but this means for the third year we have a kiwi voice on our tutorials, which is becoming something of a tradition! This next Season of Sample Genie sees us move a little harder, a little deeper and Chris will sit perfectly amongst our ranks whilst still bringing his own flavour to proceedings.
So buckle up and prepare to receive a BIG dose of inspiration, ideas and techniques from this certified legend of the underground D&B world…

Chris SU

This is the final artist we announced for the new season, and a person that universal respect across the genre. His name has been mentioned in several past tutorials in the context of providing advice and guidance, State of Mind mentioned they learned new skills from him and recently Jade telling the story of how Chris helped him out in the early days, showing how to revive music of his and turn it into something special. Chris has been involved in this music for 20 years with a huge list of superb releases.

He’s a producer who knows what makes top notch starting blocks and we can’t wait to get these out into circulation. Add this to the immense knowledge of production, sound design and music theory covered in his tutorials, we know you’re going to be very excited to be under the expert guidance of Chris SU…


Without doubt one of the finest sound designers around, also someone we’ve heard described as ” the producers producer”. And after listening to his tracks you’ll have to agree..
This is an artist who goes IN on the sounds using a multitude of gear, both hardware and software, to devastating effect.
He brings a vibe of funk and darkness straight out of the speakers with precision, grit and a metric ton of attitude. This is why we are so excited to be linking him directly to you, for a superb learning experience over the course of the year – picking up a bank of dastardly new samples along the way…

To get a peek at the kind of sounds available in Billain’s packs, check out these two preview’s put together exclusively for Sample Genie;…/…/billain-sample-genie-preview

You have been warned!!!!!


This is someone we worked with in the first season, and are very glad to have him back involved once again, our German based soul brother Mr FD !
Well known for his funk driven organic sound; this exactly the brief for working with you over this year. He’ll be specifically covering the more melodic and musical aspects of both his samples and tutorials. Going into how to make progressions, organic drums, harmonies, textures and also working with vocals, Both on jazzy and more melancholic tip.
It’s going to be superb compliment to the heavy and more minimal styles we are also featuring.


It comes with great pleasure and excitement to bring the dutch mastermind Fre4knc (aka Bertran Van Den Hoff) to the fold for Sample Genie Season 3…
A rising star, but one who has already dropped some absolutely incredible tracks, which makes you wonder where this talent will lead us! Noisia have been quick to recognise his sound and skills, releasing three singles on their ‘Invisible’ label. With other superb releases on top labels such as Dispatch Recordings and Samurai Music it’s clear to see the high quality, depth and artistry to his music. When we told Cern that Bertran was joining Sample Genie he simply said…. “The guy’s a genius!”

Needless to say Fre4knc is a hugely exciting addition to this years team.
So expect nothing but cutting edge samples, tutorials and advice from this Dutch Wizard!

Foreign Concept

Being signed to the impeccable Critical Music says it all when it comes to underground production prowess. Proving himself to have impressive skills in both areas of creativity and Mixdown ability, his tracks are always full of character and feeling. That’s why we are so excited for him to be supplying you with ideas, techniques and sonic building blocks to take your tunes to that next level grin emoticon
Aside from Critical he has released works on other labels of excellence such as: Samurai Music, Ingredients, Commercial Suicide, and SGN:LTD

Silent Witness

We are SO excited that Dan Braine aka the mighty Silent Witness has joined the team of Sample Genies’ for this season’s action!
Silent Witness has a production career than spans way back, with releases in 2002 on the highly influential ‘No U-Turn’ label.
Since this time he’s worked solo and also on rolling collaborations with Break, Klute, Prolix and Survival to name a few.
With an ever developing sound and an astonishing array of sound design skills. This is an artist who sums up what Sample Genie is about. Be prepared for exclusive Samples and tutorials coming your way….


The immense talent that is Ollie ‘Cern’ has joined the Genie ranks as your sample maker, tutor and all round inspiration.
What is Cern about? Well much like the Swiss LHC, his sound can be described as deep, experimental, technical and very much underground.. He is from a rare breed of artist that can not just touch on, but fully present Drum & Bass of all styles. Producing: dark, euphoric, minimal, musical, smooth, rough, quiet and loud, he has a vast range of abilities and skills to bring to the Genie community – we are absolutely delighted to have him on the team.
Label releases: Dispatch, Project 51, Renegade Hardware, Horizons, Samurai, Ingredients, SOM, Syndrome, Fokuz. An artist with unanimous respect across the genre.
Not only this but our first Kiwi tutorial voice since State Of Mind in the first season 🙂

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