Following up from the first announcement of Simula being one of the six, we drop yet more exciting news in the form of Current Value. As long-time admirers of his whole thing, having him as a main content provider for next season is a real vibe, it has to be said.

The term ‘prolific’ is often thrown around, but with Current Value there really is no better word. He has a truly prodigious back catalogue, in fact, you’d be hard pressed (perhaps other than Calibre) to find an artist who comes close to his consistent level of output. To scratch the surface: his Soundcloud alone currently has 320 tracks listed on there, and over 6 pages on Discogs. Writing up this article and putting together a playlist was a hard task – in fact a slightly annoying task – simply trying to calculate what he’s done is a bit like counting the stars in the sky, and whittling it all down to a few paragraphs and 13 tracks is actually quite funny. But… we must try!

When you delve right back into his history, a couple of things are clear… Firstly: he’s been in this since the very early days. Secondly: he’s been smashing the doors off it with a new angle for all of these 25 years.

Even since his earliest surfacing in 1997/8 he had a new take on what was going on – evident in tunes like Subsonic, with an advanced level of editing and production quality. Tracks like Dark Halls being an era-capturing classic; and in Knifesharpening, you could hear he was already asking questions of what sounds – like snares – ‘had’ to be.  A question that he asked and re-answered, repeatedly, in the decade that followed. Taking these ideas even further, he went on to write an onslaught of instantly recognizable tracks – notably remixing Donny’s Symptomless Coma – that one rolling many an eyeball into the back of its socket in those glorious years of heavy, dark, complex & ferocious rave music.

Where’s my 5am crew?! Probably in a dark room somewhere having their auditory cortex battered by Tim’s outrageous drums…

In more recent years he reinvented and revamped his sound again, straightening out his grooves a little bit and going in on the bass and vibes end; exciting so many in the scene on an almost weekly basis. Black Sun Empire, and later, The Noisia guys, were quick to champion what Tim was newly creating and he subsequently released a number of singles, EP’s and LP’s on their sensational, INVISIBLE label. He’s released a great deal of music elsewhere too, notably on Blackout, Souped Up DeVice, DIVIDID, Methlab and many more. Collaborating with: Mefjus, Phace, Levela, Black Sun Empire, Amon Tobin, Bou, Serum, Prolix, Xtrah, TI… Oh what’s the point now. Quite literally too many to list, or probably ever know. All these long lists, that miss things out… we’ll just stop..

Basically: this man has been smashing it every month, for years & years, and continues to do so to this very day. On his own or in collabs, it makes no odds at all. He’s a creative machine gun.

Tim has an absolute wealth of studio knowledge and techniques to share, and his sound design nuggets are certain to set you alight with ideas & starting points for writing tracks.

With enormous excitement we welcome Current Value to the team, and can’t wait to unleash our new content very soon.

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