A brand new twist to the project, and one we think you’re going to really enjoy – a team within a team. Instead of one outfit filling this spot you’ll have six:

Current Value Malux / Hypoxia Audeka / War / Broken Note

To us, the MethLab sound is distinct yet very broad – touching on influences and styles across multiple genres, always high in the technical specifications and advanced in the sound design department. This is why this collaboration makes so much sense for Sample Genie, as we can offer you an even wider array of sounds and textures to work with – morphing them into your own vision of Drum & Bass.

Each of the artists’ involved in this special collaboration are ones we regard highly, with their music holding tenure on prolific labels such as: Eatbrain, Invisible, Critical, C4C, Program, Dispatch and also the mighty MethLab label itself.

MethLab won ‘Best New Label’ at last years Drum & Bass Arena awards – they are clearly a collective who are turning heads in the scene, and without question; a star still rising. This is why we are incredibly excited to have this talented squad working together to hold a place on next years team. Be prepared for a truly inspirational slew of samples and production tutorials arriving exclusively for our premium members. Hype!

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