Few artists are heralded as true pioneers.

That really is an understatement.

In Matt Quinn, however, we have a producer who, without any shadow of doubt, is a bonafide luminary, genre-shaping, trendsetting, legend of the Drum & Bass ecosystem.

‘Optical’ is an alias that evokes immediate respect; his work spans back over 25 years and there isn’t a DJ in the scene who hasn’t hammered his music at some point in this period. Together with Ed Rush, they turned the game on its head, and without question were fundamental in the laying of the path that led to today’s sound – no debate about it.

It is actually impossible to fine down his discography to a ‘top ten’ of any kind, but there are obvious tunes that we all love so much. The main aspect of this music that stands out to the listener is the variety in vibe & style. It all just exudes character and personality, whether it’s the relentless techno carnival that is KERB CRAWLER, or the stone cold jazz-laced killer in WATERMELON, or the rave destroying monster in CHUBRUB – this is vibrant music that always makes you feel things…. and blows your mind in the process.

It’s an enormous honour and a really proud moment in our history to welcome Optical as one of our new team of six.

He will be exclusively supplying our members with fresh production samples and studio tutorial videos. In terms of samples, expect a blend of vintage Optical flavours, combined with the sound design he’s been working on more recently.


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