Announcement 6/6. We welcome new blood to the team this season, in the form of the immensely talented RILLIUM.

This Moscow based producer has been on our radar for a little while, originally as an unknown entity sending in a demo to one of our submission sessions. A demo so impressive that it was later snapped up by none other than Black Sun Empire for their label and released it.

Rillium has since completed a remix for BSE of their anthem ARRAKIS, and has big releases out on Phace’s NEU label and also Surveillance. Oh he also gave this tune away for free, which is one of the most beautiful, affirming tunes we’ve heard in a while. It’s so exciting to be watching his rise to notoriety, and there is no doubt at all his next releases are going to be pure fire, we very much wait with salivating mouths for new Rillium beats to arrive.

Kirill is a professional classical musician by trade, a Pianist to be exact; and it’s all about where his musical talents intersect with a fiendishly good ear for mixdowns and filthy bass… He’s an artist with massive capability in so many areas which is what makes him such a perfect person to have on the team in terms of teaching. But also, he’s someone who knows how to inspire with samples as starting points. We’ve had a batch in already and they incredible, it has to be said – even the more simple sounds have a refined harmonic texture about them and instantly get ideas forming – 100% what we are about <3

So…. this announcement completes the 6 for the new season ahead: we have a formidable crew of artists / engineers / teachers onboard and this year ahead is going to be really special.

Sample Genie is 10 years deep! Let’s gooo.

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