Charlie is one of those talents that has risen up quickly. He first caught our attention with his track ‘Slapstick’ from his EP entitled ‘Unorthodox’ released on Ram Records ulterior platform, ProgRam (with that whole EP being a total killer).

His sound captures a UK-Bass vibe through and through. With high technical production merits but yet somehow leaving the roughness and character pumping through its veins: it’s a special combination.

Over the last few years he’s put music out with the likes of Lifestyle Music, Nemesis Recordings, and Faceless Audio. But now signed to the mighty Ram Records it’s clear to see what kind of path he has ahead of him…

On this next season it’s about treading a line between the clinical, almost mathematical nature of production, and the more rugged, unrestrained & unfiltered side of it. We feel Charlie walks that line to perfection: he has a real sonic signature to his music, but at the same time keeps us guessing with what’s about to leave his studio next – a quality that is very special in any form of artistry.

So, it comes with the greatest pleasure to make this second announcement to you, and we hope this news gets you excited about the year ahead. You are in the company of a rising star….

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