☣️ ED RUSH Joins Season 12 Team


Announcement 3/6.

This next announcement is just such an honour to make. Sample Genie will have been running for 12 years by July, and as we enter this new season to be working with someone who has been at the top of the game for 3x that time is pretty humbling, to say the least.

Ed Rush, together with Optical, effectively shaped the entire direction of a genre – both through their music and with their label; Virus Recordings. Virtually everybody in the area of D&B that we work in cites them as a major influence. If Neurofunk went on a quest to find its parents… Ben & Matt would certainly be the first place to stop. They are certified pioneers who wrote too much seminal music to really list – but just in case any of you guys are new to this, check out classic tracks like Bacteria, Watermelon, Alien Girl, Kerb Crawler & Chubrub, for a small tasting plate.

As well as his production work with Optical, in recent years Ben has been involved in two other key projects: firstly as half of the formidable KILLBOX, along with Audio who have released a prolific amount of music, as well as remixing the likes of The Prodigy, Noisia, Neonlight and others. But this year was extra special as it marked the release of the first ever solo album from Ed Rush. ‘The Light Of The Void’ was released on Blackout Music and is an absolute onslaught of dancefloor destroying energy, with a strong coherence running through the LP. We LOVE it.

In many ways Ben is a DJ’s DJ. He never fails to deliver a mindblowing set, seamlessly taking you on an electrifying journey, totally locked in from beginning to end. With a proper underground selection, in our opinion he’s the best DJ in D&B and we aim to work with Ben to incorporate this theme in his tutorials to open a conversation about what really works across all systems and what doesn’t; drawing from his vast knowledge and experience of the craft.

He’ll be going deep into all areas of his production method, sound design and mixdown. And of course we are so excited for his sample contribution this season: look out for an inspired blend of Virus-esque sounding material and 2025 samples, with the first batch currently being made as we speak(!)

It’s set to be a fantastic season ahead on Sample Genie, and we are both proud and excited to have Ben with us!  🤘🔥☣️🧡

More announcements incoming…

Check out our pre-season video Q&A with Ed Rush Here..

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