Those that follow the GENIEDUBS project will know what it’s about: showcasing the best of the music we hear from friends and members of the site: up and coming artists’.

We’re back with the next instalment in our Elements series!
[Unsigned dubplate music from rising talents in D&B]


Hearing new music from up and coming producers is always so exciting and each year throws up some unexpected music. Our dubs project has been created to shine a light on some of these artists and for these free releases to be a calling card that we pass on to as many people as possible 🙂


This latest edition is a three track EP with two new names joining someone familiar to this series.
3 cuts of energetic D&B, all different. All superb. All Dubs.

💽 The first track: GUNZ & HARMOR is by an artist called ZEDEN and what a stomper of a tune. An infectious lyric coupled with heavy stepping beat and an onslaught of killer, modern sounds; it progresses like a vocal tune should and is sure to get those gunfingers going. Bosh!

💽 The next tune: WALLAHI, is by a new artist to us called TF GWAN and he’s coming with a big rolling number again that progresses from a captivating intro right into some fat bass and beats, for an unconventional arrangement, but this tune is all about that second drop…. Banger.

💽 For the third track We welcome back Geniedubs artist MIEK. Mike is really developing into an awesome producer, he just gets ‘that’ classic sound and does it SO well. His tune TREASON is just drumfunk perfection, beautiful chop, edit and mix on the beats coupled with heavy jungle subs and smokey vibes. This tune will definitely hammer a sound system. <3 go! <3

And download the EP in full WAV quality for free HERE

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