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Hello Premium member 🙂

We have an opportunity that we’d like to offer you…

We’d like to put together a folder of 20 demo’s from our members (YOU) and send this to our various contacts and labels within the scene. This will of course include all the artists we have worked with so far:

Amoss / State Of Mind / Prolix / Xtrah / FD / Hybris / Inside Info / Quadrant / Stealth / Maztek / Mikal / Rido / Foreign Concept / Billain / Cern / Fre4knc / Silent Witness

Also our contacts at labels: Ram / Invisible / Critical / C4C / Dutty Audio / Automate + others

We’ll send what we consider to be the best 20 tunes of what we receive from you guys. This will be folder’d up and sent with a personal message for each label / artist.

If you’d like the chance of getting your music heard, played or possibly signed please get involved!

Just some notes:

– Consider the people we are sending to and the style that might be appropriate
– Make sure the track(s) are finished and full length
– Send a maximum of 2 tracks into us
– Master it if you want, a pre-master is fine too. But the track has to impress technically.
– Ensure your demo’s aren’t online publicly, labels will drop in an instant if they see this
– Include ALL your contact details please in the file name for the track.
– Send a 320kbps MP3

Please send a private link (dropbox / soundcloud etc) to our email address:
[email protected] (download’s enabled.)

We aim to send this exclusive demo folder off by 15th December, so please take your time in getting together your best two tracks. If we include it we will let you know.

We really look forward to checking out your music ?

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