Disprove Joins the Team!


:: Our second announcement of the new season…. Disprove!

One of the guys covering the harder, distorted and savage aspects of Drum & bass in our new team..

Rising to fame relatively quickly and getting attention from all the big neuro names in the scene. Fabrizio has carved out a sound for himself which has received plays from the heads of the game such as Kasra, Noisia, Andy C, Mefjus and many more..

He holds nothing back in his productions – in your face, loud and full of character. Clearly he has a mind for the technical side of things and it’s this knowledge he will be sharing with you, along with an exclusive set of building block production samples for you to craft your own tracks with. Giving you a source of inspiration that you can twist into your own vibe. On this next run of samples and tutorials we are going more diverse than ever before with nothing but the best of the best, there to help you along your own journey. We are so excited to have Disprove on board and can’t wait to unleash him upon you!


We asked him a few questions ahead of next season…

How long have you been involved with D&B?

I heard my first dnb track in the late 90’s and started producing it in 2010. I signed my first tune in 2012 and got my first gig as Disprove in 2013.

How did you move into production, were friends around you learning or was it something you did by yourself?

When I was 16 I used to record Italian radio stations that played underground stuff in the night time and eventually started messing around with the recorded wavs with basic audio editing software. After a while a friend of mine played me some tunes he made on Ableton Live 5 and I immediately felt the necessity to start making my own music with more serious software.

What was your first production set up and how is it different from what you have now?

I only updated versions of my set up over the years – basically almost nothing changed since my day 1. I’ve always had a computer, a master keyboard, a pair of speakers and an external synth to play with.

How much time do you spend each day / week on making music?

I spend every day making music, so it’s pretty much a full-time thing.

Can you give a rough outline of your creative process?

I’m really random: I have days where I don’t feel productive and I spend hours on sound design while other days I magically feel creative and full of ideas and I make 1 or 2 tunes a week.
Usually I start from the percussion, then i go for the bassline, then mids, fx etc. During the very first arrangement session I don’t care much about the mixdown and I work in a total mess of samples and channels; when I get at least 48 bars that can turn into a potential tune I start polishing the project and working on the mixdown.

What’s three of your favourite older dnb tracks?

Noisia & Mayhem – Choke
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl
Dj Marky & Xrs – Lk

Have you learned much from online tutorials? Or have other people helped you too?

I did and I invested money in them at various times in the past. I learnt techniques that I’m still using today and that radically changed the way I work. Being able to virtually sit in other artists studios is awesome and its good and fast way to step-up your game.
Also, during the early days when the tutorials scene wasn’t big and rich as today I learnt the basics from various forums and by collaborating with friends, so yes other people indirectly help me a lot too.

Do you use Sample Packs, do you think they are helpful if so?

I do, and they are the main source of sounds to me. If used in a creative way sample packs are a fun and quick method to get inspired and to get stuff done in minutes.
You can reverse a reverbed percussion, lowpass a pad, stretch and put extra distortions on bass sample, apply extreme pitch bend on drum hits, over compress breaks etc etc. Every sample in a sample pack can become an important element for your tune.

What area of expertise do you think you can bring to sample genie and to help its members with samples and tutorials?

Sample wise I’ll make sure I will design only the best – sounds that I feel are often missing from the usual D&B sample packs. For example, most of the time I only find drum hits that are only good for layering, but I don’t want that… I want the members to be able to choose a sample that has the right processing to achieve a fat sound in one go.
Tutorial wise: since other producers often ask me how to achieve a loud and crispy mixdown this will be a focus. Also I can bring my own workflow, the way I work on Live, how to use your eyes with the spectrum analyser in order to help your ears. Then my deeper philosophy on mixing and mastering, how to achieve loudness by using saturation in creative ways and a lot more. Then I can finally move to sound design and all the instruments I use to do what you hear in my tunes. My way to make music is very simple and basic, I’ll be showing the members that you don’t need crazy techniques to produce D&B


More BIG announcements for the new team coming in the next few weeks…

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