DISPROVE Joins the Team!


One of the guys covering the harder distorted and more savage aspects of Drum & bass, we welcome (back!) Disprove to the new Sample Genie team. We had him onboard back in season 5, and we were graced with some exceptional content. Heavy samples and some superb teaching. It was an easy decision to invite him back for another run with us, and we cannot wait to see what he has in store!

Rising to fame relatively quickly and getting attention from all the big neuro names in the scene. Disprove has carved out a sound for himself which has received plays from such heads of state as: Kasra, Noisia, Andy C, Mefjus, Jade and many many more. He’s adept and produces several styles, also possessing that elusive ability to never write the same tune twice. He holds nothing back in his productions – in your face, loud and full of character. Wallop.

Clearly he has a mind for the technical side of things and it’s this knowledge he will be sharing with you, along with an exclusive set of building blocks for you to craft your own tracks with. Giving you a source of inspiration that you can twist into your own vibe. On this next run of samples and tutorials we are going even more diverse than ever before with nothing but the best of the best, there to help you along your own journey. We are so excited to have Disprove on board and can’t wait to unleash him upon you once again!


We caught up with Fabrizio for a few pre-season Q’s:

Welcome (back) to the team Fabrizio! It’s really great to be working with you again. How are you doing and how has the last year been for you? Has this period of staying at home had any kind of positive effect on your creativity? (feel free to be totally honest about that!)

Thank you for having me back in the team. I’m doing good so far, mentally speaking the last year was quite challenging for me, as with most of us working in the music industry I went through many changes in my life. I didn’t feel things like Patreon worked for me so in order to survive I got a full time job, which I really like, but it’s also tiring and sucks out many hours of my week, hours that I used to spend on music. So sadly, creativity went a bit down, but lately I’ve found my stability again and I’m back into music production 🙂

You’ve been a little quieter with releases in the last few months, what are you working on and what’s coming up?

As I said I’ve been busy with life but I managed to work on a single and a remix that are coming out in the next months. I also produced loads of random stuff from dubstep to techno to g-house which I might release under another alias.

We’ve always rated you as one of the best sound designers out there. Perhaps a difficult question, but if you could describe what kind of sound aesthetic you are about: what would you say?

Oh thank you! Even though they do represent my aesthetic I really don’t like cheesy words like “dark, raw, scifi, computer-driven, futuristic”. So let’s say I like stuff that doesn’t sound like it comes straight from a synthesiser, but that has some sort of organic feel to it, almost like you can touch it or immerse yourself in it.

What is your creative process like, is there a pattern to how you come up with ideas and work them up into a finished track?

I’m quite chaotic and easily distracted person. My brain processes millions of things during the day, so finding that pattern / idea is the hardest thing achieve. But when it happens I’m unstoppable, everything flows automatically almost like I can’t control my hands.
It almost always starts with a single sound that inspires me, then I go for the drums, then the bass, and when I finally get at least a nice 32bars I go for the intro. From there it’s a matter of days till I finish the tune.

What’s your current production set-up and what are your favourite pieces of software?

My setup is quite basic: an iMac, 2 very old KRK speakers, a master keyboard and a copy of Ableton Live. I always kept it easy so no professional studio, expensive hardware etc.
I can’t live without the Sonnox Oxford bundle, Izotope Ozone, Phase Plant and Ableton’s Amp or Saturator.

In terms of tutorials, can you give some insights into what you might be looking forward to sharing with our gang? What areas have you been working on?

I asked people what they would like to see from me and almost everyone told to make something about the mixdown process. This made me think that majority of people trying to make dnb tend to focus way too much on how their mix sounds. They spends hours on trying to make things loud and crisp but then eventually miss the fun factor and struggle to work on their tunes. So my idea for a tutorial would be to show a different and easier approach on mixdowns, how to rapidly setup a non overly-technical workflow so everything will sound solid and pumping from the beginning, making the production process faster, more fun and more satisfying

We’re really excited to be serving up our members with some brand new Disprove samples. Can you give a hint of what they might be able to expect?

For the samples, I’m going for for 100% useful material. Majority are loops and the one shots don’t really need any extra processing. A few bits come also straight from my released tunes so I hope people will get extra inspiration and have fun working with them further…

In terms of Drum & Bass, can you give 5 tracks from other artists that you love to play out? ( Any era) 

1 Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero
2 Dimension – UK
3 Inward, Hanzo & Randie – Skorpio
4 Mefjus & Emperor – Flashizm
5 Ed Rush,Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl

In terms of Non-Drum & Bass give us 2 tracks from recent times that you really like…

1 Apashe & High Klassified ft. Cherry Lena – I’m Fine (IMANU remix)
2 Giordano – Catch Up


So you heard it first!
The new season of Sample Genie begins on 1.7.21. More announcements coming soon!


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