Back once again with another reveal of next years team, we have that hard hitter from New Zealand – Dose

Chris is an artist who has been consistently writing cutting edge Drum & Bass for several years and has released on many of the top labels in our scene including: Subtitles, Ram, Eatbrain, SGN:LTD, Renegade Hardware and of course releasing his awesome Album ‘Mind The Future’ on Commercial Suicide. Known the world over for his tough, high impact sound he is as skilled a DJ as he is a producer – this is exactly why we are so pleased to have him involved over the coming year as his samples, tutorials and advice will all be angled at helping you to achieve that fully produced sound in your own tracks. Not only that but this means for the third year we have a kiwi voice on our tutorials, which is becoming something of a tradition! This next Season of Sample Genie sees us move a little harder, a little deeper and Chris will sit perfectly amongst our ranks whilst still bringing his own flavour to proceedings.
So buckle up and prepare to receive a BIG dose of inspiration, ideas and techniques from this certified legend of the underground D&B world…





We asked him a few questions ahead of next season…

How did you discover Drum & Bass and what were you listening to before this took over?

My brother took me along to a rave when i was about 15, funnily enough it was dnb, trance and an all ages event in Christchurch, NZ. 6 hours later i was hooked!

How did you move into production, were friends around you learning or was it something you did by yourself?

I was promoting and djing as well, mostly promoting but wanted to take the djin further as well as make a living out of music in general. Djing gave great fulfilment but curiosity grew and I wanted tracks to be layed out differently and ideas always came from djing for new tunes… at some point I had to answer to the endless cycle of ideas. At around 21 I made the commitment to learn to produce with an intention to take the djing profile further.

What was your first production set up and how is it different from what you have now?

PC, Making WAVS – DAW, a small bunch of samples and some crappy monitors. Now – Logic X – Audeze LDC Headphones, Rokit 5″ monitors in a walk in wardrobe and a lot of samples.

How much time do you spend each day / week on making music?

On average probably about 4 hours a week.

Can you give a rough outline of your creative process?

I start by experimenting with bass or other samples in a loop until it excites me, then build on that loop until it’s sounding like a track, then double that loop and so on.

What’s three of your favorite older dnb tracks??

Bad Company – Silicon Dawn – Inside the machine – but this whole album hooked me.
Bad Company – Navajo
Bulletproof – Communion / Hexagon
I know that’s more than 3 but hey 🙂

Have you learned much from online tutorials? Or Have other people helped you too?

I used to read DOA all of the time, it was my bible. Collaboration was also very useful and you learn so much from working with others. I don’t watch many online tutorials these days, probably because I’m time poor otherwise I’d be all over them. Learning from those who have experience and different techniques is invaluable.

Do you use Sample Packs, do you think they are helpful if so?

Yes I use a lot samples and moved away from using mostly synths years ago. Starting with sounds that are good quality is critical and essential. “you can’t polish a turd” someone once said.

What area of expertise do you think you can bring to sample genie and to help its members??

Good question — I think a session on workflow, productivity and techniques to finish tunes and utilise past work and engineering would be very useful.
Then a session on how I get creative, with basses, character sounds and constructing the tune from start to finish.



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