Those that follow the GENIEDUBS project will know what it’s about: showcasing the best of the music we hear from friends and members of the site: up and coming artists’.

With the latest submission window we had such an amazing diversity of music sent in, we were able to put together 3 EP’s of music all representing a different aesthetic. now we serve up the final round….

Introducing Pt III: AIR

The first track, GO OUTSIDE is by an artist we have been following for a few years now, by the name of JUST MACK. Josh makes really beautiful music, and has a real ear for musical simplicity that just works. The tune was the first track that was earmarked for this EP, and we’ve had the pleasure of playing it more times than can possibly be counted in the last few months! A really touching tune that just makes you feel GOOD.

The next tune is by a new artist to us called DESTRO. Another producer who just has that musical ear. This tune is stunning and has so many wonderful things in there. It really has it’s own identity, including aΒ luscious interplay between male and female vocals. Destro said about it:

” It’s a soulful roller built around a gospel choir vocal that tells a story about two people unable to reconcile their differences but still needing one another to fulfil their lives.”

For the last track we head back on a mission with JUST MACK. His straight up vitaliser called NOW I’M FEELING. A big fat overtoned bass hook. Emotive Pianos. Soulful vocal samples. Rolling beats. Let’s go! <3

And download the EP in full WAV quality for free HERE

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