JAM THIEVES Joins Season 11


Announcement 5/6.

Next in the announcements, we have the fantastic news that Brazilian badboy, Guilherme Garcia, AKA Jam Thieves is with us for the coming year!

He’s a producer who has been putting out music for many years now and on quite an astonishing array of labels: Playaz, Ram, Dispatch, Hospital, Serial Killaz, Vision, Symmetry, Onyx, Mac II, Bad Taste, Souped Up… we could go on! Something about his sound and style has a kind of wide scope and works across lots of outlets; fat grooves, big clean mixes and loads of dirt. Which is why his music gets such regular support from pretty much everyone these days! We absolutely love what he’s about, and trust us when we say that the taster samples we’ve been getting from him so far are fire!

Guilherme has a really fresh and inspiring approach to production, reaching for simplicity and choice-reduction as the underlying ethos. What you can achieve with not very much always was the mainstay of this genre (and of creativity in general). One AKAI sampler and a mixing desk… all that was really needed. That mindset can be transferred to today’s often overwhelming situation, and as such we are really excited to see Jam Thieves teach his unique and disentangled way of doing things.






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