Julien Carbou Joins Season 11

Announcement 4/6.

Next up, with have the big news that Julien Carbou, AKA The Clamps, AKA of Burroak, AKA of Forum is on the team for the brand new season ahead!

Julien is an extremely experienced producer – active since the late 90’s writing various genres, but arguably at his most prolific right now, smashing up the neurofunk scene with machine-like regularity! The rate he releases is nothing short of astonishing, clearly he has a tremendous work ethic, and based on his energetic performances on stage, a deep love for the music.

Aside from his phenomenal solo work under The Clamps; as Burroak they released a masterful new album last month on the mighty Eatbrain entitled ‘Somewhere we belong’ and before this remixing Noisia’s ‘Stigma’. His joint project FORUM has also been going from strength to strength, with an album on Ram Records and much more on the way.

Julien has so much to offer by being on our new team, both as a sample designer and teacher, and as such we are delighted to bring him to the fold. Vibes!




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