PHASE Joins Season 11


Announcement 1/6. The first reveal of our new team!

There’s little wonder when Goldie recently put up a very pensive and forward thinking video talking about the future sound of Metalheadz, of the two or three names mentioned, Phase was one of them.

For us, he’s one of those artists who perfectly intersects art & science; tonal, balanced mixdowns serve as the location for emotive and powerful tunes to burst from. His music is engineered for the dancefloor, but equally translates to any listening environment. With so much more than the Drums and Bass, but he nails those two critical aspects with that rugged, organic, Headzy steeze… to a T.

He’s now a decade deep into his production career, and they say it’s at about the 10 year mark that an artist (of any medium) becomes ripened, so it’s really exciting to have him exclusively with us for the next year.



He’s someone we have admired for quite some time, and were especially delighted to learn that he has been a member of Sample Genie for quite a while, so to have him now up on the stage is a really nice thing for us.

With his luscious album ‘Shore to Shore’ released last year, plus two other heavy EPs, including a collaboration EP on Critical with Foreign Concept, and a further deluge of music scheduled for this year on Headz, it’s fair to say the main is productive!

He’ll be teaching workflow methods, sound design tools and techniques and of course releasing a whole load of exclusive samples just for our members.


Check out our short pre-season video Q&A with Bram here…


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The new season of Sample Genie begins on 1.7.22.

More announcements coming soon!

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