Time for the fifth announcement of six and we bring you that rowdy dutch sound brought to you with lazer precision from the diverse and vibrant talent that is Posij!

Frank Post is not an artist who makes the same thing twice, each of his tracks stand out as unique and different from the last, bursting with character and balls, always moving forward and trying out new ideas and techniques. His sound design skills are respected throughout the whole scene, coupled with insane mix down ability this has seen him release singles and EP’s on labels such as Critical, Shogun, Division and MTA, also completing big remixes for Opiuo, Neosignal and The Upbeats.

Frank is also the producer for Noisia’s awesome radio show, now two series deep. His studio is based in the same epic building as those guys and he is always hanging out sharing new ideas and techniques with them. Posij is already killing it on the festival circuit and playing out regularly, his knowledge of big crowds undoubtedly feeds back into this designs for making music that makes people lose their sh*t! We’ve had a first batch of samples in from him already and they are pure fire… expect solid sounds that you can work into something unique. Combined with his forthcoming sound design tutorials, Posij is a real gem in the crown this next season’s team…





We asked him a few questions ahead of next season…

How long have you been involved with D&B?

My first party as a teenager (15) was drum&bass, I’ve been obsessed ever since.

How did you move into production, were friends around you learning or was it something you did by yourself?

I played a lot of video games and loved computers, after hearing Flat Beat by Mr Oizo i kind of figured out you can make that with a computer and wanted to do that as well.

What was your first production set up and how is it different from what you have now?

My first setup was old speakers from my grandfather with a onkyo receiver from my dad, and a built in soundcard, the speakers were behind me, 1 on the floor, and 1 almost near the ceiling on top of a closet. I had no idea that speaker placement would matter. Right now I have dual monitors on a nice handy desk, a 2nd pc with a freq analyzer running at all times. A Focusrite saffire LE soundcard (that needs replacing, its my first external soundcard :D) and my studio is located at noisia’s studios, they lent me their old Adam P22’s to replace my Mackie Mr5’s.

How much time do you spend each day / week on making music?

I work on music monday trough friday, and often do dj shows on weekends. Every Thursday I produce the Noisia Radio Show with Nik, Martijn and Thijs. On Friday I finish it and put it online.

Can you give a rough outline of your creative process?

It’s different for each track, sometimes it starts with me trying to emulate a certain piece of music, other times I challenge myself to come up with something I’ve never used or done before. Eventually the sounds that happen in those processes dictate me how to continue with the project.

What’s three of your favorite non-dnb tracks?

This changes a lot for me, I never really listen to dnb at home, so i have a bunch of spotify playlists going that constantly change 😀 right now it’s these three:
Gengahr – She’s A witch
Aaron Embry – Raven’s Song
Hugh Masekela – Grazing In The Grass

Have you learned much from online tutorials? Or Have other people helped you too?

Online tutorials taught me the start of it all, when I switched from reason to cubase there was no one to tell me how to use cubase. So I youtubed and googled all my info and just worked a long with the tutorials until I knew how to use it. Other people have taught me a lot as well, like how to use drum samples in audio tracks, instead of samplers, how to use a limiter, what side-chaining is. That all came from the people surrounding me that are also in to music production.

Do you use Sample Packs, do you think they are helpful if so?

Yes a lot. I have a collection of sample packs on a hard drive, organized into what quarter of the year I got it. It’s build like a maze but I spend so much time browsing trough it that I know it inside-out. It ranges from the weirdest most abstract sample packs to perfectly purpose crafted ones. Having a new sample pack is one of the more exciting things for me 😀

What area of expertise do you think you can bring to sample genie and to help its members with samples and tutorials?

The day I think of myself as an expert is the day someone should hit me in the mouth, but I think I can talk a lot about drum processing and sample manipulation / sound design.



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