We have been biting our tongue about this for too long, and we are now finally able to start letting you know who’s on the Genie team for next season! As one of the six, we are VERY hyped to make this first announcement that Jonathan Kievit aka Signal will be making production samples and tutorial videos exclusively for our members over the coming year.

To us he can only be described as an absolute prodigy. Few people in Drum & Bass have achieved global recognition and critical acclaim by the age of 17, a certain producer from Hornchurch springs to mind, but at this moment in time Signal stands alone in this achievement. He’s already released music on Critical Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Invisible and also has his music played pretty much every single week on the scene binding ‘Noisia Radio’. He’s got a style that’s deep energetic, minimal yet maximal in terms of how it presents sonically, a vibe which is dragging people by the ears from all over the world to hear his tunes.  So needless to day we’re very excited to have him on board with us next season…





We asked him a few questions ahead of next season…

How did you discover Drum & Bass and what were you listening to before this took over?

I discovered Drum & Bass after looking up Noisia when I heard their remix of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, I was a big dubstep fan at the time.

How did you move into production, were friends around you learning or was it something you did by yourself?
I just wanted to be the guy that people listen to. 🙂
It was something I picked up on my own, but I didn’t really take anything remotely seriously at first. Only when I discovered that someone from my year also did some music production I put more effort and time into it.

What was your first production set up and how is it different from what you have now?
A bad computer with bad speakers. Now I’ve got a slightly less bad computer with slightly less bad speakers.
I use FL studio, and prefer massive for most of my own sound design. I work in my messy bedroom, no acoustic treatment or anything. For my speakers I use some old Pioneer hi-fi system.

How much time do you spend each day / week on making music?
FL is almost always open in the background, and I don’t keep track of when I actively work in it or not.

Can you give a rough outline of your creative process?
I always start out with the drums and then try getting a nice bass groove, the rest of the track is pretty easy to finish when you’ve done that.

How would you describe your output?
I like making technical drum and bass with loads of stabs and edits but I also like making smashers and deep rollers here and there.

Have you learned much from online tutorials?
Yes, I learned a lot from SeamlessR when I first started out.

Do you use Sample Packs, do you think they are helpful if so?
Yes, I like using single drum and percussion hits, and re-sampling bass shots.

What will be your main focus in terms of cutting edge samples to work with and also tutorials for Sample Genie Members?
Loads of stabs, tight drum hits and some other mids here and there.. Tutorials will probably be on stabs and drums.




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