SUBMOTIVE Joins Season 11

Announcement 3/6.

This is something that’s actually been in the works for quite a few years now, and as such we are so excited & delighted to welcome James Davidson, AKA Submotive, to the Sample Genie project! He’s an absolute master craftsman and in our opinion writing some of the very best music in the genre. He’s a gifted engineer, as well as an artist, and now with a pretty extraordinary CV to his name…

As one half of the sensational young duo Ulterior Motive; they absolutely tore up the scene for many years, writing massive tune after massive tune in their signature funk-driven, rugged style (see the playlist for a flavour). As most will also know, he works together with Goldie on their stunning Subjective project, and has also worked with him as an engineer for many years: another area where together they have develop new techniques and experiments with sound. They spend much time out in Thailand, writing together, and as we post this, James has literally just arrived back from five weeks out there, co-writing and producing the new Goldie album, as one half of Rufige Cru.

A career highlight in terms of live shows, would surely have to be performing Inner City Life with Goldie for the closing ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, broadcast to an estimated one billion People!

In the last year as Submotive, he’s been releasing on labels such as Sofa Sound, Carbon Music and Metalheadz, and by the sounds of things he has a whole slew of unreleased stuff coming too. We’ve been talking with him a lot about the new season ahead, and as an artist of many talents there are so many ways we can take things, but between us we have some very exciting plans for all the content… His modular synth setup is one of the most impressive we’ve seen(!) and we are buzzing to have this be a strong feature of the pack. And in terms of tutorials… well, all we can say at this stage is: Watch. This. Space! It’s going to be fiiire!


The new season of Sample Genie begins on 1.7.23.

More announcements coming soon!

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