A special retrospective sampler set of Sample Genie Bass.

44 Samples / 44 Artists.


A one-off special pack which comprises of 44 bass samples: a single bass sample from each artist we’ve had from season one to the beginning of this season.
To be precise…. That’s:

Abis, Amoss, Arkaik, Billain, Buunshin, Cern, Chris SU, Current Value, DC Breaks, Disprove, Dose, FD, Foreign Concept, FRE4KNC, Gridlok, Halogenix, Hybris, Insideinfo, Jade & Mindscape, Joe Ford, Lenzman, Levela, Maztek, Mikal, Monty, NickBee, Nymfo, Phaction, Posij, Prolix, Quadrant, QZB, Satl, Signal, Silent Witness, Skantia, State Of Mind, Stealth, Subtension, Sunchase, Teebee, Xtrah

For anybody new to the site, this is a nice way to get a little bit of the action.

Whether picking out sounds or just dumping them all into a sampler and mapping them to a key and riffing, you can definitely have a lot of fun with this folder!

If you have a voucher code this can be added at check out 😀