JOE FORD | Creative D&B Sound Design In Ableton [COURSE]


15 expertly designed lessons accompanied by 7 project files + samples.

Time to level up with some fresh ideas.

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A year has passed. Now we raise the bar….

We have teamed up once again with the mighty Joe Ford to deliver a very carefully designed & unique course.
This one is all about sound design, sound design… and yep, more sound design!

Key techniques such as, harnessing randomisation, parallel processing, linear phase EQ, incorporating white noise, freeform modulation and much more, are all combined into one versatile course. In production it can be easy to get stuck in ruts, ‘doing what you always did: getting what you always got’. This course is designed to act a springboard out of that.

A year ago this month we launched his last course ABLETON FOR D&B PRODUCTION, which was a solid nuts and bolts look at production essentials. This next one has been especially designed to follow on from that and add multiple new strings to your bow.

The calibre of this series of lessons is cut from the exact same cloth as the first; only this time, we have built something that looks a lot deeper; both with Ableton, and sound creativity in general.

This is perfect for those who either took the first course, and are hungry for more of the same quality of tuition; or for producers who simply want to refresh their arsenal of sound design techniques.
Whoever takes this can be certain to be kitted out with tons of fresh thinking and inspiring ideas.


This course is independent of our monthly subscription content. It’s available to everybody, and once you’ve purchased, it’s permanently available for streaming, regardless of your membership level


Modules & Contents:

  1. Creatively Distorting Sine Waves for Bass
  2. FX Creation & Harnessing Randomisation
  3. Understanding Linear Phase
  4. Developing Bass Textures From Mouth Sounds
  5. Designing Aggressive Arpeggios
  6. Designing unique Snares From Household Recordings
  7. Writing Ethereal Ambiences & Drones
  8. Using White Noise in Sound Design

The course is accompanied by 7 Ableton project files (Version 10).