Reply To: How to make that weird stretchy techstep/neuro bass


The Break Tune, I’d say is pretty straight forward…Genie tips kinda covered it. Sounds to me like just a good synth patch with a bit of reverb/delay and a Bandpass filter….maybe some distortion on the synth patch.
Dead Limit Reece is really just a sick Reece patch typically made with a Triangle or Square in the synth, same type of FX setup as Break but, the twist you want is an automated LFO. It’s just off at the beginning of the note, & gets turned on as the note stretches…There are countless ways to get this effect but, I’d recommend putting a Reece patch in a sampler & Set the LFO to modulate the cutoff Freq’s & play around. Probably a LFO set to 1/4, 1/8th, or 16th notes…or they are just sweeping the Frequency of the Lfo…Giving it that WAAAAAHWHAHWHAHWHAHWAWAWAwawa effect. LFO’s are you best friend when it come to DNB!I hope you know that at least! Happy writing!

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