Hi Billain,

Huge fan here, honestly you’re probably my favorite drum and bass artist, so it’s great to be able to see your tutorials and ask you some questions.

1.) Do you have any particular workflow when it comes to intros/drones? Even though you seem well known for your complex drum/snare/bass design, the pads that you make and the journey of your intros/drones seem to lead so effortlessly into the groove/drop. I sometimes struggle to make intros and soundscapes which are vague and interesting but also match up with the groove/drop; sometimes it seems like it’s too vague such that the intro and drop are completely separate, and sometimes when I try to make the intro more groovy and fitting (by giving it some of the qualities of the groove/drop) it ends up losing some of that interesting vagueness/soundscape-esqu qualities. Do you have any tips for finding the balance? Any types of pads/synths/instruments you like in particular?

2.) Do you prefer to side chain your kicks/snares hard or is it subtle? It almost seems like your basses act as like a reverse clap or something into the kick/snare and it gives it a really cool swinging effect. If you understand what I’m saying, do you have any particular tips as to how you achieve that effect?

Again, huge fan of your work.
And thank you for your time.


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